A Good Morning

Double Penetration

Laying behind you, I awake to your morning beauty. Strands of hair drape over your face. I move to brush them aside and see you smile, seemingly subconsciously as my fingers graze your soft skin. Your beauty is a true sight to behold. Still naked underneath, I can feel my throbbing morning desire being held by your soft silky thighs. I moan slightly as you move one leg up and down, gripping me between. Your head on my other arm and gripping my hand, I am trapped.

I bite my lip, attempting to restrain my moans as you seem to know exactly what you’re doing. I look down at you catching you quickly shut your eyes as you feign being asleep. I know how to play this game as well as I position the tip of my cock just between your folds. The more you move, the deeper it sinks and soon the tip is pressing against your clit. I begin to move my hips, sliding myself between your ever-glistening lips, making sure to rub it lightly against your perfect Pearl driving you insane.

I can see your hand sliding down slyly, making a move to touch and caress instinctually. I grab it and you know you’re caught. Your eyes open to meet my emerald gaze. Your face curled isveçbahis into one of desperation, you know you’re in for it now…

I continue to move my hips, rubbing my cock between your sopping lips as you squirm trying to have me enter you and fuck you silly. I look at you, and eventually you stop.. Look at me dead in the eyes and meekly let out a “… please”. With one Swift motion, I slide my hips back and feel you engulf me fully. The unbelievable tightness only made possible by how slick we’ve become. You shriek in pleasure as I begin to repeatedly thrust myself into you. In a matter of moments, any coyness or game that was being played it left on the floor. Lustful desire overtakes every one of our senses.

I pull you as I roll over, you instinctively move into the reverse cowgirl position and immediately begin to gyrate your hips, bouncing with each turn of the wheel. My hands latch onto your hips, matching your motions and amplifying them entirely. I move my torso forward, sliding my hands around your perfect hips to your attentive loving button. As I rub, you cup one breast, pulling on your hardened nipple and allowing the other hand down isveçbahis giriş to meet my own.

I can feel you building yourself up, the moans and whimper becoming louder and filling with desperation. Ravenous, you are forcibly pushing yourself against me now to meet my thrust. I can feel you tighten, your walls begin to shudder and our hands succumbing to your will.

You turn your head, looking over your shoulder and the look on your face is priceless. You lock eyes with me, all the while repeatedly performing every intoxicating action.

Between the shrieks and moans I can make hear you begin to murmur words unintelligibly. It takes every ounce of strength not to succumb to my own inevitability and I use my focus on your words to compose my will.

You leg muscles clenching, your walls quivering, and the sensation constantly driving intensity to my very core. I want to control until I can finally understand, but the sensations onslaught me with relentless temptation. My head is dizzy, my body not of my own anymore but merely a vessel to transport us to this ethereal destination. Fuck, I’m so close. My moaning is primal and isveçbahis yeni giriş guttural. I need but a moment more.

Finally, in the penultimate moment of control, I make it out clear as day. You throw your head back as you scream it outright. “CUM WITH ME NOW!” Witnessing this ferocity, my final restraint breaks and I feel cataclysmic explosion from within. Somehow my body, whilst releasing all pent-up passion and desire, continues on in a uncontrollable fashion. You release your own, soaking every inch of us from the waist down. It’s intoxication only fueling the fires and driving us further into one another. Fuck!

Stars whiz by, as though we are beyond this world. It’s dizzying and satisfying all at once and I never wish to leave. Oh God.

Untold time passes as it has lost all meaning. Eventually, I find you heaving and trying to gain hold of your breath. Our hands still embraced. Your back on my chest, a mix of us surrounding and covering all. I muster my strength and place my hands on your smooth soft stomach. You turn your head and our lips embrace passionately, winding down to a soft mellow kiss…

You look at me, dreary eyed. I stare into them, unable to look away… Then, like the desire within, it transforms… Sultry, and requiring more satiation, you look at me and in an instant, I know this is not over. You whisper… “good morning…” and I know this is not over…

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