A Gift for a Very Good Friend


You working late, I quietly approach your office door. I’m wearing your favorite outfit, black, pink plaid bra and short skirt. Black stockings, high heels that you hear clicking as I walk across the floor. Looking up you see me, I put a finger to my lips. I don’t want you to speak. I come around your desk pulling you into my arms for a quick hug and kiss. Undoing your pants, yanking them down, your cock hardening beginning to leak. Pushing you back isveçbahis down into your chair as I bend at the waist and take you in hand. Rubbing my finger across the tip, spreading that glistening drop of pre cum down your shaft. I look up and you see in my eyes that look of need and desire that you demand. I whisper Happy Birthday and lower my mouth down towards your cock. Letting my tongue linger at the tip, slowly circling the head. By now your isveçbahis giriş member so stiff in my hand it feels just as hard as a rock. I moan almost inaudibly, so pleased I’m tasting my favorite treat. My lips now encircling your shaft sliding down filling my mouth. I sometimes think you are all that I ever need to eat. I feel your hands in my hair. Moving my head in a rhythm I well know. Deeper in my throat, my eyes begin to water. Faster isveçbahis yeni giriş you move my head as I feel the saliva beginning to flow. My head off and on, sloppy wet sounds we love you can hear. My face and your balls becoming a mess, neither of us stopping. This is something I can never tire of, I don’t want you to fear. You pause, pull out of my mouth, slapping me with your cock your head at a tilt. Grinning at me as if to ask, “Is this what you want?” Smiling wickedly, I grab you back. I bring my head down burying you right away to the hilt. Deep in my throat the way I crave, I feel your smooth balls and give them a squeeze. Pushing me away, lifting me up onto your desk.

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