A Gamer Has to Game Ch. 02


The second chapter of “A Gamer Has to Game”. I hope that those that read the first chapter find this one just as interesting. And as beginner in erotica, I do look forward to your comments and suggestions.


I quickly turned the app off and got to the parking garage. After negotiating the garage I hit down town in only a few minutes and found the club. Valet parked the car as I entered the swanky little bistro. After paying for the night’s meal in advance, I was escorted to my reserved booth that centered the room pretty well on one of the main walls. As I surveyed the place, I thought to myself, “nothing too special about this place, nothing to give off any warnings of what really happens here to the general public. It’s just your plain Jane average place, all except for that freaky looking disco like stage in the middle.” I smiled knowing tonight was going to be a really mind blower for the both of us. My waitress for the night came and brought me a wine list, after perusing all of their selection I looked up at her cute face but not before locking on her ample cleavage.

“The 1990 Spy Valley, please Ma’am.”

And with that she disappeared behind the double doors leading to what I assumed was the kitchen. I kept looking around and noticed several folks had already gotten comfortable and were in the midst of a good meal or appetizers. Every once in a while I would hear the front door open and would become impatient to see if it was her. As instructed the door man would look my way each time and shake his head as he was not escorting a single women but a couple. Finally the wine was at the table and glasses poured. Then there she was and being brought to the table.

“Here you are madam, your table”, the old man announced as I looked through the bottom of an upturned empty wine glass.

“And who is sitting here I wonder?” She mused with a grin on her face that the Cheshire Cat himself would have envied.

I peered from behind the glass, laid it back down to the table and stood up. I wrapped my arms around her in a friendly hug and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“It’s good to finally see you face to face Susan, god you look like you’ve been running a marathon.”

I leaned in, nibbling on her ear politely as to not draw attention and whispered.

“Now listen, I spent a great deal of time planning this, so you need to know that I have everything under control. James knows.” I could hear your breath being sucked in as if you were pinched. “Calm down, you best go and clean. I’ll be here when you get back.”

I motioned to her as to guide her to the bathroom. And she turned from me and walked to the little hallway in the back, disappearing. I looked to the waitress and in a few steps once again her and her ample blessings were leaning over to listen to me order our dinners. It was pretty easy the menu was broke down to regions and only two meals available for each, one with meat and the other vegan. I ordered two from the Greek menu, one with and one without meat. And with a smile in silence the waitress once again disappeared. A few minutes passed by and Susan exited the small hallway. As she came closer I tapped the phone to see if she was still wearing my present and sure enough her body locked up in mid-step, “yep”. She resumed her walk, I rose once again and let her slide in to the booth. I took my seat once again, this time snugly up against her and immediately her hand went for my cock. I swatted her hand, the look of shock on her face was inspiring as it melted into a pout worthy of a toddler being scolded.

“No,” I uttered softly,” As I said, a great deal of planning went into this. James knows of course and he approves.” Her mouth opens to speak and I place my finger over her lips, “Shhh. Let me finish. You asked for all of this hun, I am merely making sure you get what you asked for. Now as I was about to say, there are rules to this. First, you are mine for a week, I will do as I please with you. Second, somebody has to be in charge of the fun and that somebody is me. I will let you know when and where we can play and how. Third, if at any time you want out, you just have to say, ‘I am going back to James.’, and you are free to leave. Fourth and lastly, I am not here to dominate you merely to guide you, but you have to let me do that or this week will be nothing but furious fucking and nothing will be accomplished. Do you understand the rules?”

“Yes”, as she nods and leans in and kisses my cheek, “somehow I knew when I opened the box this afternoon it was you.” Her hand once again tries to snake its way under the table to tease me and I slap it once more. “Why do you keep isveçbahis doing that?” she pulls her hand back rubbing it with the other unharmed one.

“Like I said, I am in charge of this week and you have not even had a glass of wine or ate yet. If I wanted to cum this early in our date I would have thrown you down on the table”, I tap the phone once again, her face tightens up, “but this dinner is not about me it’s about you, by the way I do suggest you refrain from making too much noise if you want dessert. So be a good little girl and behave yourself.” I lean in and kiss her soft lips, “I see you kept your gift, good, now I’m going to set it on a low setting and leave it there for the night.” I select a preset on the app and put the phone in my inside jacket pocket.

She hums in approval, “Only you would come up with something like this to start a evening or a first date.” I watch as Susan sips down a glass of wine and motions for a refill, I oblige and she makes the contents disappear again. “I was so happy to see that face of yours when I got here, the poor driver did nothing but chuckle every time I was having a moment in the car. He probably thought I was a insane nympho.”

“Well you are a nympho hun and you are crazy, you’re here aren’t you. Who else but a crazy woman, get dressed and get drove to god know where by god knows who to meet somebody they think is going to be there?” I lean in and take her hand holding in mine, “But I am glad you made it without jumping the driver.”

Dinner comes out and we continue with innocent chatter as we eat, discussing what we both have been up to the past few weeks. I start to notice her hips grinding in place.

“Enjoying the dinner?” shooting her a knowing look and coy smile.

“I am, but it seems the more I eat the hungrier I get. Just seems like this isn’t hitting the spot.”

Two bottles of wine emptied and dinner was finished. The bussing staff comes to collect all the plates from all the tables and we continue our conversation. Then the staff come around with candles lit placing them on all the tables and the lights begin to dim. It’s rather romantic seeing all the couples by candle light, the glare from our own is just enough to fade the others out slightly. Then the floor of the stage in the middle lights up, it’s soft glow acting like a spotlight towards the ceiling. I feel her hand tighten around mine.

“It’s okay pet”, as I comfort her, “it’s merely the dessert round.”

Our waitress re-appears stepping up on the stage this time in a full leather dominatrix me outfit including a riding crop. She reaches to her face to turn on the wireless headset and position the mic closer to her lips. “Good evening! I hope everybody enjoyed the culinary portion of the night and now for dessert. For those of us that have been here before you know what that means. And for those that are enjoying our company for the first time the rules.”

She bends the riding crop in her hands.

“There is no leaving your table at any time unless you are ready to leave the building, when you are ready merely call for one of us and we shall escort you to the door.” We both watch as she begins to tap her ass with the crop in rhythm. “There is no touching of the staff or them touching you unless you give your consent. If you wish privacy merely blow out your candle and enjoy the show and your company.”

She then begins to rub the butt of the crop between her legs and a soft sigh is amplified through the mic, I can feel Susan shutter as it echoes through the room. The staff come around with a cart leaving a tray on each table, a bowl of condoms, lube and a remote, ‘Hmmm, interesting dessert.’

“If you wish to join in the show you only have to reach for the remotes being placed at your table to adjust the overhead spot light for your table. Please keep in mind the remote is only for your table and yours alone. If you wish to see somebody else’s table the seating chart that comes with the remote is there for your reference. Just enter the number on the keypad and the request will be sent to that table. If your remote buzzes it means there is a request to see your table and you can either accept and adjust your light or ignore. Also we encourage safety here ladies and gentlemen, also on your table you will find a selection of approved safety. And with that please enjoy the show!” The lights in the room come up for just a minute and fade quickly as our hostess/waitress disappears into the kitchen.

“What is this place, Chuck?” I fell her trembling either in fear or anticipation.

“It’s an exhibition and voyeur club. It’s rather discreet too. It took a lot of phone calls and web searching isveçbahis giriş to actually find it. They don’t advertise and try to make sure the patrons don’t spread the word. It’s a highly guarded secret even in the swinging circles. Hell I was starting to wonder if I had the right place till just now.”

I patted her thigh through the coat, the sound of the plastic touching her skin sounded rather tasty. Then a couple of rather lovely women and men in hedonistic outfits took their place on the stage, music in the background began to rise up through the speakers. I grinned at the techno beat and figured, why not? I thumbed through the app and found the sound sensor and turned it on setting the vibration to low. The performers began indulging in each other. The women were sucking on each other’s nipples while massaging the rising cocks of the men and all I could do was focus on the feel of the seat moving. Susan was responding to the vibrators rather well and I could hear her softly moaning in rhythm with the beat.

“Enjoying dessert?” I smirked watching her hips slightly gyrate in her seat.

“Umph, yeah I am.” her voice shaking terribly, “but I’m starving still.”

“All in due time hun, all in due time.”

I held her left hand tightly as we watch the stage, one of the men had a girl on the floor on her knees plowing her from behind while her head was buried between the other girl’s legs and the other fella was stroking his own cock standing over them all. By then we started to notice a few candles go out and a few overhead lights coming on lighting up the tables across the room. The first to light up was an older couple, probably in their sixties, the guy was damn near standing in his booth while his wife with the top of her dress undone was letting her aging tits sway freely giving him head. The second was a pair of women on top of their table enjoying each other in a sixty-nine position. I let go of Susan’s hand and leaned closer, bringing my arm over her shoulder and reaching around her side. I managed to get my right hand into the coat and fondled her right tit, gently pinching the nipple. She responded in kind by leaning closer into me rest her head on my shoulder. I could feel her chest rising and falling heavily, her eyes locked in on the action as if in a trance. I myself started getting uncomfortably hard and managed to free my cock from my slacks with my free hand. The temptation to stroke was damn near unbearable but this was about putting Susan over the edge of sexual insanity not me.

The action in the room was heating up pretty quickly as well as on stage, God himself was probably in the room with endless calls of his name coming from the darkened corners of the place. The four on stage had switched to full on orgy now, one of the men was kneeling upright with a girl behind him licking his asshole, the other guy on his hands and knees sucking him off. The more petite of the two women was sitting on his back facing away from the three and spanking his ass rather roughly with a crop as to encourage each bob of his head. “Yep, this place is no holds barred” I figured what the hell and pulled my hand away from Susan’s tit and reached for our candle and blew it out.

“I want dessert now”, I told her. I slid the table away from us a bit and stood up, I helped her up and then I sat back down with her standing in front of me. I opened her coat and slid it off her shoulders. Carefully I folded it up and placed it on the bench seat. I then pushed her back to the table. “Go ahead and sit on the table and lean back.”

She looked down at me with a smile and complied. I pulled her and the table back closer to me and spread her legs wide. Grabbing her legs I kissed each of the leather clad legs as I placed them so her feet were firmly on the wall behind me. Doing this opened her open to me beautifully, ‘yep one day I should look into getting an OB/GYN table, this is lovely.’ I tugged on the lead going into her pussy and slowly pulled the bullet from her clenching pussy. I reached for my phone and turned off the front vibrator and left the anal one on a milder setting. I lowered my face towards her trimmed snatch and could smell her sex. The musky aroma filled my nose to the point I was tasting her without even touching. ‘God she’s probably about to black out from all the orgasms that little toy has delivered.’ I dove in, both my hands now holding her legs above me and ensuring her feet stayed planted firmly on the wall. My nose nuzzled up against her soaked patch as my tongue began to glide over her soft lips, she was wet and way beyond wet, she was drenched. I could taste the sex and sweat on her skin, I was in heaven. Susan too isveçbahis yeni giriş was enjoying my tongue, I could feel her ass grinding on the table. I noticed she shifted herself as my tongue dove deeper between the folds of her pussy. I paused for moment to look up and saw she was intently watching the stage.

Both her hands were firmly on my head, her fingers wrapping around my ears and the back of my head trying to force my tongue, maybe even my whole head, deeper into her. The vibrations from her ass coursing through her pussy into my tongue. Before long her thighs had closed in around my head, the heels from her boots tapping against my shoulder blades. I decided if I couldn’t hold her legs in place then I should be using my hands for something. I snaked them both up her body enjoying the slickness of leather and the stiff restricting braces in it. Till finally I cupped both her tits in my hands and squeezed them. She was getting close, I could tell. I doubled my efforts, before long the flood of sex coming from her was a sure sign she was in the middle of a good one, but other than her hips moving there was no explosion. She had to be tired from all the excitement.

I finished and straightened up in my seat and pulled her to sit upright. “That was a fine damn dessert hun.”

“It’s not fair”, she pouted, looking down at me. “I’m still hungry.”

“Let’s get you your dessert then.”

With that we switched places, her in the seat and me on the table. She stripped my slacks off me like I was a banana and there I was laying on the table legs over her shoulders in the same position. I craned my neck to watch the other folks and the performers as she did when I felt her tongue caressing my balls. Damn it felt good. She continued licking and sucking each one into her mouth. Susan always did brag during our online exploits about her mouth and she wasn’t kidding. Hell if she could get pass her self-proclaimed shyness she’d make a small fortune giving head. It wasn’t long with her just sucking on my balls and stroking me that I could feel the cum boiling in them. I looked across the room, the one of the lesbians was being fucked doggy style by her partner wearing a huge strap on. The older couple were in the same position. Both couples locked in a staring match with the other table. And then I felt her lips pursing over my cockhead. And like a true well practiced pro her mouth slide all the way down my cock, the warm feeling of her tongue swirling around my cock was exquisite. I was in heaven. Like her, I was wasn’t long before I was going to cum. She felt it as well as she slid a finger into my ass and pressed against my prostate. That’s all it took and I was exploding so hard that my eyes had stars in them like if I had them closed and was rubbing them hard. I grabbed her hair and forced her mouth all the way down till I felt the head rubbing the back of her throat.

“Fuck Susann!”

Pulling her head away from my spent cock, “I hope you do before tonight is over.”

“Oh I will but first I think we should get going”, I sat up and leaned down, grabbing her face with both hands I kissed her deeply. Our tongues darting and rubbing against each other. The favor of both of us mingling together as our spit mixed.

I gathered myself together and straightened up my suit, grabbed the phone. Susann was also doing the same when I reached to her and removed the other half of the toy from her ass and stored it in a little baggie I had brought with me for it.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing that for the rest of the night.”

“Aww, it was just starting to feel really good too.”

“I know, but I have plans on making your ass feel good myself in just a little while.” I took her hand.

“Let’s get out of here.” I dropped a couple of hundreds on the table to tip the performers and staff. Then we were escorted to the door. As we exited with our arms around each other the valet pulled up as if on cue with the little red sports car. And like that we left the club, my cock throbbing back to life and her with her pussy still tingling and dripping. As we headed back to the hotel a good thunderstorm was rolling in and with the top on the car down we were getting a beautiful show from it. A wicked idea crossed my mind and I turned the car around and headed for the highest parking garage in town. Paid the attendant and told him, “Heading to the top to watch the storm, we’ll be back down shortly.” He eyed me and Susan. Seeing her stockings and exposed pussy, he smiled and nodded, with that the gate came up and off we went for the top. It took a few good minutes but soon we were parked on the top, this late at night not many cars were up here and I found a great spot overlooking the city and facing the oncoming storm. As I put the car in park my hand left the shifter and landed on her still dripping pussy. My fingers went to work as I leaned in for a kiss.


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