A Favor for Fiona

Big Tits

“I’m pimping you out to one of my friends again,” said Fiona.

“This is starting to become a habit,” Frank replied.

“This time you are on your own, just you and her.”

“That is different. Anyone I know?”

“Probably, I think you have meet Diane.”

“Yes, I thought she had a boyfriend.”

“Had, they broke up, again. Now she’s looking for someone to bang.”

“She’s pretty hot; I don’t think she needs a setup.”

“Diane has something pretty specific in mind, and she wants someone who can be discreet, and is willing to indulge her,” Fiona explained.

“Dare I ask?”

“Just some light bondage, you don’t mind being tied up while a hot chick fucks you, do you?”

“Since you put it that way, no.”

“It won’t be the same without you there. You don’t mind?”

“I know, but Diane says she will tell me about it, she said it would spoil the fun if I knew how it turned out. I am intrigued, and she does tell a good story.”

“You have some really interesting friends.”

“Yes, yes I do.”

Fiona handed Frank a bag.

“Everything she needs is in there. You are meeting at a hotel.”

“Do I check in under an assumed name, or have to dress up like room service.”

“The reservation is under Mr. Flynn.”

“Wow, just wow.”

Frank peaked into the bag, just wrist and ankle restraints. He expected more from Fiona.

Frank checked into the hotel, and was waiting when he heard the door unlock. Diana stepped in

“Fiona talked to you?” Diane asked

“Yes,” Frank replied

“And you are okay with the arrangement?”


“Come over here, let’s get you undressed”

Frank walked over to Diane. She put her hand out and stopped him at arm’s length. Diane walked around Frank looking in up and down. He sensed she stopped behind him, and then felt her hand on his ass. She stepped closer and pressed up against him.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I could never find the right guy to do it with. Some could not stand to give up control, some were just freaks. Fiona tells me you are just right.”

“Just promise me this won’t involve 3 bears and covering me with porridge.”

Diane laughed, and put her arms around him. “I promise, you won’t even have to call me Goldilocks.”

Frank felt her hands slide under his T shirt. Her fingers ran through the hair on his chest. She stepped back enough to pull the shirt over his head, and tossed it onto the floor. She began to unbutton his jeans, and Frank slipped out of his shoes. Diane put her hands inside his pants.

“Going commando, I like it, “She whispered in his ear.

Diane’s hands had found his erection, and she was gently stroking it. Soon his pants joined his shirt on the floor

“Let’s get you on the bed.”

Frank lay down in the center of the bed. Diane removed the straps from the bag, and began to tie him up. She tied is wrists first, and then moved down to his ankles. When she finished, she stood at the end of the bed. She began to unbutton her shirt. Frank could see her nipples poking through the material. She let the shirt hang open, but did not remove it. Just a bit of a black satin bra was visible behind the shirt .Her hands moved to her skirt. Frank heard the zipper going down, but could not see it. The skirt fell to the floor with almost no sound. She wore a thong that matched the bra.

She was staring at Frank’s cock.

“I’m really going to enjoy this,” she said, one hand sliding inside her thong.

“I going to make you my toy, you’re isveçbahis going to pleasure me every way I can think of; with your mouth and especially with your cock. And if I’m feeling generous, you might enjoy this as well.”

Frank was focused on the hand she had inside her thong. He was thinking her fingers sliding over her wet pussy. She seemed to enjoy taunting him, and he was starting to enjoy it as well.

She leaned onto the bed, placing her hands just inside Frank’s legs. When she did, her shirt opened up a little more, and Frank could see the curve of her breasts, and her nipples were poking out past the edge of the material. Diane slipped out of her thong and crawled on top of Frank, sitting on his abs. She pressed her ass against the tip of his cock. She put her hands on his chest and slowly dragged them back towards herself, then up her thighs, across her abs and onto her tits.

“Just seeing you tied up like this, at my mercy has got me really hot and wet. ”

She began to caress her breasts, pulling her bra down enough to expose her erect nipples.

“Do you like what you see?”

Frank just nodded.

She was rubbing her ass against his dick, and it felt fantastic.

“You like the way my ass feels up against you?” She pressed back a bit more.

He watched her hands squeezing her breasts. She spread her fingers, and her nipples popped up between them. Frank ached to have his mouth around them, but for now she was making him wait.

Diane put one of her hands between her legs and began to stroke herself again.

“How many times am I going to come? Two? Three? I guess the only way to find out is to get started.” She moved her hips back, so that her pussy slid down the length of Frank’s cock. She felt wet and hot. Diane slid forward, so that just the tip of his penis was pressed against her ass.

“See how wet this is making me?”

Her hand was between her legs again. Frank strained his neck to look down so he could see what she was doing. Her fingers were rubbing her clit. She noticed Frank watching and she pushed two fingers inside herself. She was enjoyed putting on the show just as much as Frank enjoyed watching it. He looked up, she was pinching her nipple between two fingers, and looking right at him. Frank strained to push his cock up against her ass.

“You do like my ass, don’t you? Does that feel good? “

She inched back just a bit, so that her ass covered more of Frank’s cock. Then she clinched her cheeks, squeezing the tip of his penis. She began rocking her hips back and forth. Frank could feel her cheeks sliding against him. He wanted more; he wanted all of his cock against her, inside her. But she continued to make him wait.

Most of her attention was on the hand between her legs. It was starting to look like she was enjoying this even more than Frank. She put one arm on the bed behind her and leaned back on it, giving Frank a better for of the show going on between her legs. Her fingertips were sliding up and down her pussy, occasionally slipping inside.

“I want to you to watch me Frank; I want you to watch me come before you fuck me.”

She started moaning. He could feel her getting hotter and wetter. He longed to touch her, to have his hands and mouth all over her. But all he could do is lay back and watch as she had her orgasm.

Diane leaned down and kissed Frank on the lips.

“It’s time for you to do something besides watch.”

She raised herself up and completely removed her shirt and bra, then began to rub her breasts against him. isveçbahis giriş She started with his cock. First the left breast, then the right. She ran just her nipple along the length of his penis. She pressed her tits together so they wrapped around him.

Frank felt her lips on his chest. She found his nipples and began to lick, kiss and suck on them. He felt a sharp jolt of pleasure has she pinched his nipple between her teeth. Diane was working her way up his body. Her breasts were rubbing on his abs right now, and her lips were on his neck. They were chest to chest when he felt her tongue on his ear.

“Do you like my tits?”


“Do you want them in your mouth?”


“Tell me you want my tits in your mouth.”

“I want your tits in my mouth,” Frank moaned.

“Tell me you want to feel my nipples on your tongue.”

“I want to feel your nipples on my tongue.”

Her breasts hovered above his face. He stretched to reach them. She kept them just out of reach. Finally she moved closer and he pressed the tip of his tongue to her nipple. It was firm and hot. She got a little closer, so he could use his lips as well. Ever so slowly she moved down, letting his put his mouth on more and more of her. Frank covered her breast with kisses, circling back in towards the center. He took her into his mouth and flicked his tongue against her nipple as he sucked on her breast. When she was satisfied with his efforts on one, she pressed the other to his mouth.

She began to crawl forward again. Soon Diane was straddling his face. She slid her hands between her legs, spreading the lips on her pussy. Frank’s eyes were almost watching her every move. His mind was racing with images of what was going to happen. He imagined his tongue sliding in and out of her, his lips wrapped around her clit. In his mind he saw the lips of her pussy stretched around his cock while she fucked him.

“You like what you see?”

All Frank could manage was a nod

she put her hands on her hips, but did not get any closer. She hovered above him, letting him take in every detail. She was totally shaved, Frank could not wait to feel her smooth skin against his lips.

“Are you ready? “

Her voice broke Frank’s trance, and he looked up at her. She was staring right at him

Frank nodded again.

She began to get closer. It probably only took a few seconds, but it seemed like forever to Frank. As soon as she was close enough Frank ran is tongue over her clit. She moaned with pleasure.

“Oh, that’s it. Your tongue feels so good. Don’t stop,” she gasped.

Frank didn’t. He pressed his lips against her, alternating sucking and licking her. He felt her fingers against his lips. She was stroking her clit.

“I’ve got this”, She said,” I want your tongue inside me.”

He started by running his tongue along the lips of her pussy, and then plunged it between the wet folds.

“Oh, yes yes yes. Fuck me with your tongue. Don’t stop.”

Frank continued. He could feel her getting wetter. She was so smooth and hot. Her moaning grew louder.

“Yes, that feels good. Make me come Frank, make me come on your face.”

He wondered where her other hand was. He imagined it was on her breast. The image of her caressing her tit, pinching her nipple filled Franks mind. He thrust his tongue into her as far as he could. He could feel her vagina contracting around him.

“That’s it, don’t stop. Oh, I’m coming Frank, I’m coming Frank.”

Diane leaned down kissed Frank on the lips again. Then isveçbahis yeni giriş on the cheek.

“I think you deserve a little break. Would you like me to suck your cock?”

Frank nodded. Just hearing speak those words sent a wave of excitement through him.

“Are you going to watch me Frank? Do you want to see my lips wrapped around you? “

Frank nodded again. She had not even started the blow job, and he already felt control slipping away

“You can come in my mouth if you want to, but then you won’t get to watch me ride your cock.”

Her fingertips began to explore his chest. Frank could feel her running her fingers through his chest hair as she started to kiss him on the shoulders. She continued to move down; her fingers were tracing the crease in the center of his abs. Her tongue soon followed. She skipped down to his thighs, dragging her fingers back up, between his legs, over his balls and gently stroking his cock.

She spun around so she was in the 69 position, but she kept her hips raised.

“You can look, but don’t touch”, she teased

Frank looked, the view was spectacular. She had wrapped her hand around his penis, and was pointing it straight up. The image was framed by her breasts. He watched intently as she lowered her head, her tongue protruding past her lips. It pressed against him. He felt a shock of pleasure as her tongue circled the top of his cock. Frank’s eyes ran up and down her body. Her pussy was still above his face, her breasts swayed side to side slowly as her head bobbed up and down on him. Her lips were stretched around his cock, and he could feel her warm, wet mouth surrounding him. He was in a state of complete bliss.

The warmth of her mouth was replaced by cool air. Frank come out of his dreamlike state and noticed she was turning towards him.

“I can’t wait anymore, she said with a naughty grin. I want to ride your cock until a come again.”

She pressed his dick against between her legs. He could feel her clit rubbing the head of his cock, and the lips of her vagina on his shaft. Diane rode back and forth on him for a minute. Then she raised up, her hand guiding his penis into her vagina. She leaned back a bit; Frank noticed she was looking between her legs as she took him in. Together they watched his cock slide into her. Diane leaned forward, looking Frank in the eye.

“This is it. I’m going to fuck you until both of us come, and keep going until you have nothing left. Are you ready for that?”

“Fuck yes,” said Frank.

She leaned down a bit more, pressing her tits against Franks lips, and began to grind her hips against him. Frank felt her squeezing his cock and she rode him. He opened his mouth and took in as much of her breast as he could.

“That’s it Frank. Right there. Keep doing that! “

The sound of her voice faded in and out as Frank focused on the feeling of her erect nipple against his tongue, or how warm it felt to have her all around him.

She started going faster. She was rubbing her clit against him, driving his cock as far inside herself as possible. She sat up straight and began to bounce up and down on him. Frank watched the shaft of his penis slide in and out of her. She leaned back, her ass pressing against his thighs. He was getting close to his own orgasm. She sat up straight again, bouncing even more. She went up until only the tip of his cock was inside her, and then plunged down, taking him all in.

“I want to make you come Frank. I want to feel you come inside me. “Her voice faded off again a Frank felt his orgasm building. He moaned loudly and felt it rush through him. She continued to ride his cock until had erection faded away.

She lay down next to him, and ran her hand across his chest.

“I can’t wait to tell Fiona about this.”

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