A Fantasy Come True Pt. 02


Wendy and I went back to the bedroom, stripped and got out the negligees to try on. “Before we do that,” I said, “We need a shower, together. We got sweaty around the pool and need to be very clean to try on the new ve-r-r-ry sexy negligees. Right?” I asked Wendy.

“OH Hell Yes! But who needs an excuse to take a shower with you, I sure don’t. I’d love to shower with you! Absolutely, YES!” She shouted and hugged me so tightly I had trouble breathing!

Bob had thought ahead and small almost invisible cameras were in place in our spacious bathroom. Nude, I led her into the attached bathroom, her eyes glued to my swishing ass and thinking what we could do in the shower together.

Our shower facility is the latest with different shower heads at many angles and heights. I turned the overhead lights on, hit several buttons to set the patterns and temperature of the heads and delicious streams of warm water flowed down on us. I pulled Wendy in and we were gloriously wet in seconds. Nothing beats the feel of a woman’s nude wet body against you, I suddenly realized.

We held each other and just felt the wonderful joy of our bodies touching. We kissed, tongues flicking and probing and our hands roaming and exploring new territory. Fantastic! Soft music played over the sound system and we just stood together pressing our bodies together and letting our minds become adjusted to the new feelings, for me, of her body against me.

Her hand moved between us and found my pussy and cupped my Venus Mound, then a naughty finger slid up and down my aching slit, then probed inward to slide up and down my eager pussy. I let her explore my pussy and just held onto her, stroking her back and lower to her splendid ass.

Her finger slipped upward and found my swollen clit, ready for her touch. Gently she stroked a finger on each side of my clit, making it firmer, and harder. Clitoris mersin escort have many more nerve endings in a smaller space than a cock has and she knew just how much pressure to apply and how to apply it. “Only another woman knows how to make love to another woman!” Came to mind, and it’s true!

“You have magic fingers, Lover. Make me cum for you. I’m yours, all yours.” I sobbed against her.

She moved her finger down and slid it till she found the opening of my pussy. She loosened her hold on me, dropped to her knees under the flow of the water and slid a finger up inside me gently, then another and finally a third, filling my pussy with her fingers. I moaned as she rotated her hand, making contact

inside me. She moved her head down and her talented tongue flicked my clit and I cried out. I felt her hand move inside me and rotate till two fingers found and stroked my ” G” spot. It sent waves of joy though my body. The double stimulation flowed through my body and I cried out in ecstasy. In just moments after we got into the shower, I was cumming!

Wendy was a genius at lovemaking and knew I wanted/needed a sudden, explosive cum with her, now, right now. And she gave it to me in spades. I climaxed over and over until my knees buckled and she caught me and held me up. We stood there for several minutes the water flowing over us till I recovered and was able to stand alone.

“Oh Wendy, that was unbelievable, I needed that, a quick release – I didn’t know I needed. You are a genius! Thank you. Now to finish what we came in to do, shower together. I want to explore your fabulous body with my hands. Learn all your secret erotic spots and memorize them!” I said kissing her gently.

I took my favorite soap, Tahitian coconut oil soap and began to wash her body. I stroked her body from top to bottom, letting my slick hands explore her crevices and intimate mersin escort bayan spots. I slipped my fingers up along her tight pussy and stroked her clit gently at first. I remembered the “G” spot and slipped two of my long fingers up inside her and behind her pubic mound. She sighed as my fingers found the small area of different feeling velvet skin. I rubbed it rolling my fingers around over it while I leaned in and burrowed my face against her pussy, sliding my tongue out and exploring her clit I could feel it’s rounded shaft, and small head flicked my tongue back and forth across it, the way I loved Bob to do to me.

Her fingers tightened around my head, and her fingernails raked my scalp. Yes! I was getting a positive reaction from her. I took my free hand and moved it to her firm ass, slid it till I found her ass cheeks and slid my fingers down till I found the firm flesh of her asshole. She sighed, “Ohh, Yes, I love a finger up my ass. Fuck my ass while you are finger fucking my pussy. For a first time lover, you are doing beautifully. Suck my clit. It’s so damn hard, make me cum like you did minutes ago.

Make love to me, Make me cum, Love, I’m on fire. Yes, like that. Ohhh, God, I’m cumming. Fuck my pussy, eat me, suck my clit. Nowww! Ohhhh”, she screamed out as her body went taut and she climaxed. I thrust my finger deeper into her ass and made my tongue vibrate against her clit. She exploded and I kept up my intense assault on her sweet body. She must have had three climaxes before she finally pushed my head away from her pussy and gasped “No more, Please. No more, for now.

I held her till she was breathing normally then went on with my washing her sexy body. I loved doing that. So intimate and it made stroking and washing even her hair so erotic. We wound up clean from head to toe and dried off and went back to bed and just lay there holding, and gently escort mersin caressing each other.

“My new Lover!” She said looking deep into my eyes. “Damn, you are good, very good. You sure you haven’t done this before? You seem to know all the places to touch and stimulate.” She whispered in my ear.

“No, a first for me. Just do to you what I love having done to myself.” I answered truthfully.

Rested, we finally got up, put on our bikinis, deciding not to try on the negligees for the moment. We went out to the pool and slipped into the warm water and began slow laps of the pool. I’m a good swimmer and noticed Wendy was an excellent swimmer, smooth and easy, totally one with the water.

As we swam I told her how good I thought she was as a swimmer. Turns out she is a Red Cross Swimming Instructor with years of teaching behind her. I loved that and got her to give me pointers on my strokes. She was an excellent teacher and in a few minutes had me swimming easily, totally relaxed in the water. Bob watched and commented on how much better I was with my strokes.

We grilled steaks with fries, and made a delicious salad to go with it. After dinner Wendy said she had to leave, she had an appointment she had to keep. I drove her home and we kissed gently. We had the long weekend coming up and a good start on it already.

At home, I got Bob to pull up the rough video tapes and play them for me. I loved every minute. His genius in editing and the camera placement and lighting were almost flawless. I knew his genius at the editing table would leave a masterpiece of my first seduction and lovemaking when finished.

I went into the kitchen and started making little goodies to put away for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to cook so much. My mind wasn’t on what I was doing totally, I was thinking about Wendy and how she felt against me nude, our bodies slick and wet, and how I loved the taste of her delicious pussy, and how I loved her. A whole long weekend with Wendy and I, and then there was Bob, also!

I laughed out loud! A long sexual, sensual weekend! Leaping Lizards, Sandy!


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