A Discovery Ch. 03


After all the vodka and such a hectic, pulse-racing day, I thought I might sleep right up until my alarm rang at 9.45 – leaving just enough time to be ready to welcome Debbie. In the end I was in bed by three am and up again at eight, and would have headed straight down to the kitchen for much-needed coffee were it not for the sounds of my younger brother readying himself to leave for school.

I used the fifteen minutes before his departure to take a quick shower after spending five minutes trying to untangle my hair, and untangle my thoughts.

I had acted in an incredible way the day before – incredible to me, at least – but just the thought of Debbie’s arrival in an hour or so made my belly tingle in the most delightful way. I had no idea what had happened to me or what that now made me. Had I become bisexual, or even lesbian, in just a few hours? The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted nothing more than Debbie right then – and I didn’t care one jot what that made me.

The clatter of the front door closing brought me out of my reverie and I went downstairs expecting a teenage-male mess. All of the downstairs rooms, however, were remarkably tidy and even the kitchen sink was free from the usual debris. On the table was a brief note saying that Ben was sorry to have missed me (I bet he was), hoped the house was tidy enough (it definitely was) and that he might try calling later. I shrugged and threw the note into the remarkably empty bin.

There was still more than an hour before my new friend was due to arrive but I readied myself for the garden and its lounger, pulling on the same bikini I had worn the previous day, which for some odd reason (hah!) was folded up on the chair by the kitchen door.

To help pass the time – and because of a very real thirst – I busied myself making a large pot of coffee, and then managed to slop almost half of it over the kitchen counter when the doorbell rang.

Leaving the aromatic brew to drip all over the floor I walked as fast as I could to the front door, trying my hardest not to run, and trying even harder to stop the surge of adrenaline from turning me into a gibbering wreck before I got there. Some chance.

I fumbled the handle open and threw the door wide without that faintest idea of what I was going to say.

It was only when my eyes focused properly that I realised it was the postman – and apparently a very happy postman. My bikini suddenly felt two sizes too small but over his shoulder at the garden gate stood a grinning Debbie, a tiny summer dress blazing as white as her teeth. The sight of her filled me immediately with incredible nerves and incredible verve. For her benefit, or maybe for mine, I plucked the small parcel that the smiling postman was holding straight from his hand, and gave him my own best smile.

“Anything to sign?”

“Er, no, it just had to be handed to you in person,” The mailman wasn’t nearly as fazed as I was, and he made no pretence of not eyeing me up and down – appreciatively, I’m actually, genuinely, happy to say, “And may I remark,” he added, “I think you look great!”

I shrugged and maintained my smile, even as my hands started to tremble, “Thanks, I think.”

Debbie appeared at the man’s shoulder just as he was about to turn away, “Yeah, she’s definitely suited to the sun – and that cossie.”

“Thank you as well, Debbie.”

We dashed inside before anything more could be said, and all my nervousness came crashing over me as I pushed the front door closed on the grinning postman. I turned slowly, willing my body to obey me, suddenly shy beyond belief – but also weirdly desperate to see Debbie in full daylight for the first time.

“Sorry I’m early, Dallas,” she began. Then paused and gave me an even more thorough look over than the mailman had managed. She whistled, “Wow.”

“W-w-wow?” I was full of sudden nerves. Did I look that shocking?

“Yes, wow,” Debbie nodded, “I guess this is the first time I ever said something like this to another woman, but you look totally lush!”

My blush rose but my nerves were starting to calm at once. I looked at my new friend’s little white dress with an openness I could scarcely believe, “Thank you – and I’m right with you on the first time thing. You look stunning.”

And she did. Her hair was loose, hanging in wild, dark waves, a perfect contrast to the brilliant white of the little dress which clung to her lithe form. Debbie was no taller than me, no smaller, either. Her shoulders, bare in the dress, bahis siteleri were wide and pale, her legs, long and well-muscled. Her eyes were dark and wide and her smile… oh her smile was dazzling. I had thought at first that she was nerve-free, confident and calm – but her lips quivered just a tiny but and her fingers were lightly clenched.

“You think so?” she asked. “Really?”

“Really, really.”

“What… what’s next? Other than the woods, of course?”

“I think,” I managed, “that maybe we should get started as soon as possible out there.”


I held out a trembling hand and breathed a sigh of relief when Debbie took it in one of her equally shaky paws, “Really. If I stay in here with you much longer we may never get out there.”

Debbie’s wide eyes widened further, “So… you’re okay with… us? All that happened?”

I nodded like a demented insurance advertising dog, coming to the realisation that I had been dreading a demurral of any kind from her. I had to ask though, had to be sure, “Yes! But that is only if you are?”

I could feel the relief flooding through her from just the touch of her hand, and my own body reacted in the same way.

“Oh, Dallas! I am. Sure, that is. I was so nervous on the way here – all morning, in fact. That’s why I’m early I guess. I just had to know. Know what you thought and… well, I guess I had toknow what I thought as well.”

I understood and told her so, holding he hand tighter. “That makes two of us, I guess. I’m not sure I even let myself think properly, but now you’re here… oh, fuck it Debbie – excuse my language – I can’t believe how relieved I am all round!”

She laughed and the relief poured between her dazzling teeth, “Dallas, oh Dallas. You are seriously cute, you know? To me, I mean, right now.”

“Likewise,” I told her honestly, letting my feelings loose, “And risky or not before we get out there, I want… a kiss?”

“You got it. I need it.”

We hugged and kissed softly, a tenderness so unexpected from just a day before when my life had been all wrong – without me knowing.

I let my hands wander down the back of Debbie’s dress and realised with a thrill that she wore nothing underneath. I realised that I had never seen her naked before in full daylight and realised, too, that I was going to very soon. My kiss became more urgent and she returned the passion.

We broke the contact at the same moment and stared into each other’s eyes.

“I think,” I managed, gulping (really), “that we’d better get outside.”

Debbie nodded, “We had. I… I think that we can have even more fun out there.” She stroked my arm, “In a way, I mean.”

“I understand,” I told her, and I did.

We each gripped each other’s hands then turned and dashed for the back door, giggling like women half our age.

As soon as we had stepped into the garden, Debbie stopped and turned me to face her, “Sure about this?”

I nodded and reached behind my neck, “Totally sure. I want this like crazy.” My hands fumbled with the tie.

“Dallas,” Debbie said, he own hands trembling as she unzipped the side of the dress, “I want to see you and be seen by you.”

“Like this?” I managed, shocked at my bravery as I let the bikini top fall away from my body.

“Oh shit yes,” she managed, staring at my bared breasts, “You are so gorgeous naked.” Her dress fell to the floor, “Am I for you?”

I pushed my bikini bottoms down my thighs – trembling thighs – and made no effort to pretend I wasn’t eating in her naked body with my eager eyes. In the sunlight her small breasts with their large dark – and very hard – nipples looked good enough to eat, and her hips flared delightfully from a narrow waist fronted by gentle muscles. And lower, gloriously lower, her womanhood was shrouded by a neatly trimmed dark thatch of soft – I knew – hair. I stood straight to better expose my own gentle charms, such as they were. “Debbie,” I said softly, “If we don’t start out through the woods right this second I would try to kiss every inch of you.”

“That doesn’t make it any easier to head for the gate,” she said.

I laughed. “I can scarcely believe this but just looking at you is making me wet!”

Debbie groaned, “Oh Dallas, I know just how you feel. I’d ask for another kiss but I really think we’d never get through the gate.”

“Kiss or gate?” Unbelievably I really didn’t care anymore.

Debbie’s wide eyes held hints of real doubt, but she nodded towards the woods, canlı bahis siteleri “I really want to share the trees with you, but Dallas?”


“I won’t guarantee that we’ll get very far before I stop you and start kissing.”

I could barely believe that we were both so comfortable with each other, and so aroused for each other as well. “Don’t… ” I managed, “Don’t think I’ll be fighting you off.”

Debbie nodded to the back gate, “You lead on then. I know that butt of yours is gorgeous and I want to be right behind you this time.”

I laughed and turned towards the trees, “Good!” And it was good.

The first steps I took outside of garden was just as thrilling as they had been the day before, but augmented by the surging passion I was carrying for something – someone – all so very new. I let loose a gentle laugh – freedom and wildness and wetness – and glanced back at my new friend, overjoyed to see the lust in her eyes.

I trotted forward, knowing roughly where the small clearing was, determined now that we could at least make it that far.

“Oh fuck, Dallas, this is so wild!”

“Isn’t it? Come on, it gets even wilder the further you get from the house.” The wildness of the woods – of being naked in the great outdoors – was making my heart beat just as fast as it had the day before, but my whole body was buzzing with the knowledge that Debbie was, just as naked, a few steps behind me.

“Oh fuck I love this, love it!”

I laughed and let my hands pull quickly at my hard, thrumming nipples. I wasn’t, I realised, too far from climax, and the thought of Debbie’s hands touching me, her tongue tasting me, had me groaning. “Oh, Debbie, let’s run and run!”

Her laughter joined mine, “Yeah!”

I tried to pick up the pace even as Debbie closed that gap between us, her hand brushing my hip, “Me first!” Her giggles were sending shivers through me and we arrived at the clearing before I even knew we were close.

I tripped and landed on all fours, my own laughter louder and freer now.

Debbie took a couple of steps past me then stopped suddenly, staring around at the grassy clearing. And then back at me.

She spun and dashed back, dropping to her own knees right behind me. “Don’t blame me for this,” she said, “but I’ve been following this view for too many minutes and wanted to do this so much.”

“What-” I began, the gasped as I felt Debbie’s hot tongue pressing between the backs of my thighs as her hands eased my willing legs apart. Her eager tongue found my wet slit before I could even take another breath and I wailed in pure delight – and shock – as its tip pressed between my saturated lips.

My arms collapsed as I pressed my rear end against her oh-so busy mouth. Her tongue slid fully into me and I willed my climax to hold back as she lapped and sucked. Her hands slid underneath me and I lifted my upper body just enough for her fingers to find my bare breasts.

She grabbed my tits then and pressed her eager tongue even deeper inside me. Tips of fingers found my rock hard nipples and she pinched, her mouth sucking and her tongue licking harder.

I tried to start bucking against her but I was so firmly held that I could only grind. I couldn’t hold it any longer and wailed loudly as the first climax washed through me.

Debbie ground even harder against my wet pussy and pinched my bare tits firmer. It was making me wail and moan ever louder and I was climaxing now in constant waves. Control was leaking from me as my new friend made me orgasm, forced the delight and ecstasy from every pore. I let go and cried out my pleasure, my belly twitching as spasm after spasm coursed through me.

I was still twitching with waves of climax as I pushed forward and free, desperate now for my own turn and tastes.

She didn’t so much as flinch as I spun around and pushed her onto her knees and then onto her back. I crushed her mouth with an eager, fast kiss then dived down to first one rigid nipple and then the other, sucking almost all of each of her little breasts into my desperate mouth.

I could tell that Debbie was starting to climax as she made a succession of squeaks and squeals, her own voice letting go. I put a hand down to her groin and found her legs wide apart, the lips of her pussy soaked and hot. My mouth followed my fingers and I sucked her juices into my eager mouth before grinding my nose against her hot, hard, clitoris. It made her twitch and the very first buck of her hips lifted her pussy canlı bahis fully to my mouth.

Without ceremony I pushed my tongue between her lips, climaxing once again as the soft folds of flesh grasped at it.

Debbie started to climax loudly and deeply as one of my hands slid under her butt, pulling her hard to my mouth, and the other reached up to grasp and pinch at a rigid nipple.

Unlike me, her climax voice was more than squeals and moans, and she started to say ‘yes!’ over and over, each affirmation matched with a buck of her hips.

I continued to suck and pinch, my nose mashing against her clit with every twitch, determined now to take her to new lands of pleasure – determined to make her experience match mine. She couldn’t seem to stop and she was producing so much juice that I was drinking it down, sucking and lapping and delighting in every ‘yes’.

Then her thighs went rigid and she ground once, harder than ever against my mouth. My tongue was so deep inside her and my hand was switching from hard nipple to hard nipple, pulling on them as much as I could. Her belly began to shake and shudder and with what sounded like pure shock, she gave the loudest wail. “Oh fuck! Dallas, YES!”

A single, violent twitch almost knocked me backwards but I held on as Debbie’s belly went back to twitching in regular waves. Her voice modulated very slightly and ‘yes’ was joined by ‘fucking hell’, in a constant stream.

Finally her hips sagged and my tongue slipped out of her. She remained on her back and her hands reached down and pulled me roughly up her body until we were face to face, our little breasts mashed together, nipples still hard and poking into each other’s flesh.

Debbie kissed me a hundred times or more and she finally pulled her head back a little and focused on me. “Fucking hell, yes?” she said softly.

I laughed and the last of my shyness and disbelief washed away. “Yes,” I told her, “Anytime.”

“I hope so,” she said, “Forget the situation thing, but I’ve never, ever, cum that hard before.”

“Likewise,” I told her, truthfully, “And Debbie?”


“I want to do it again.”

Debbie laughed and kissed me once, “Just so long as you don’t mean right now. I am sore!”

I kissed her nose, “I think my tongue needs an hour to recover. But was that a yes?”

Her body wriggled against me and my own nose was target for one of her kisses, “Oh yes. Dallas I loved it so much. I…”

My heart pounded, probably loud enough for her to hear. “You’re beautiful. It really was all so… lovely.”

“This is all so quick,” Debbie said, her eyes steady now, “But that was lovelier than I could ever have imagined. And so are you, Dallas.”

My heart was in my throat. “The whole thing was lovely. Such a surprise, but such a lovely one. Just like you, Debbie.”

“You’ve changed my life, Dallas, in the loveliest of ways.”

“Lovely is such a lovely word, Debbie, and so right for you.”

“So is love, and that’s just right for you.”


She sat up, pulling me into a sitting position next to her, one arm around me, “Dallas? I have to tell you this is shockingly sudden.” She kissed my cheek.

“I think I prefer ‘love’ to ‘shocking’,” I managed, “Especially when it comes to you.”

Debbie let her free hand bush a hair from my eyes and the let it trail down my body, across my breasts, “Then sorry if this is too shocking, but Dallas? I know it’s true. I’ve fallen for you. Fallen in love.”

I hugged her tightly, rained kisses on her cheek and neck, “Oh god thank you, Debbie!”

“Well it’s true. I’m sorry if it’s all too fast but-“

“No!” I pulled back and looked into those big, wide eyes, and I was lost but found, “It’s beautiful. And Debbie? Remember this always, because I know I will…”

“Yes?” She was shaking now.

“Debbie, I love you.”

Her eyes closed and her head rolled back, before she snapped upright, dragging me with her, “Oh Dallas, I needed that so much. I love you, beautiful lady.” She looked around at the surrounding trees, and then looked down at her own nakedness, then mine. “And I love all of this!”

She spun around and then when she faced me again, she drew me into a glorious embrace. We kissed for a minute and then she pulled back.

“You know, Dallas? I wish I wasn’t so sore right now!

“I do know, Debbie. But I have a lovely feeling there will be lots of opportunities later.”

“And not just today?”

“No way,” I said, “But there again, we do have a lot of exploring to do still today.”

Debbie grinned from ear to ear, “I love loving you already. Where to next?”

I kissed her, “Who knows? Let’s just wander.”

“Naked and free,”

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