A Dirty Valentine Night


Valentine’s day this year was going to be super sexy.  Lucy had planned out a sexual evening for her boyfriend.  She was going to delight him in every way she could think of.  She had several hours to prepare for her night of lust.  The day before she got a wax and had her nails and toes painted blood red.  She went to a sex shop and picked up a sexy toy.Her boyfriend loved the color red.  She went to a lingerie store and bought a sexy bra and pantie set.  She also bought a garter and silk stockings and red stiletto shoes.  She was going to wear her hair in a braid.He was going to be excited to see Lucy all decked out in his favorite color.  She also went to the chocolate store and picked up some melting chocolate.  She had some ideas for the chocolate.In the night of pleasure, it was about her boyfriend’s pleasure and not hers.  She planned on adoring his cock which was more like a horse.  She had never seen such a big cock in her life.  Having sex with him was hard, because her pussy was very tight but with lots of lubrication, she was able to fuck him pleasurably.She planned on giving him the best blow job a man could want.  She was going to paint his cock in chocolate and spray whip cream all over his dick and balls.  She planned on spraying his butt with whip cream and licking that too.  She was going to give him a prostate massage güvenilir bahis and surprise him.The finale would be when she would use her special toy on her boyfriend.  He had mentioned several times that he wanted her to buy a strap-on toy.  He liked to experiment in the bedroom.  Lucy wanted to please him in every way.  She wanted him to be surprised when she suggested it.Lucy showered and rubbed her body in body lotion.  Her boyfriend loves the smell of vanilla.  She rubbed the creamy lotion everywhere on her body.  She put on her bra and panties and her garter.  She carefully put on the stockings and attached them to the garter.She put on her stilettos and dried her hair and styled it in a braid.  She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.  She did her make-up and finished with red lipstick and rolled lip gloss to finalize her lips.~~Lucy and her boyfriend lived together.  She was waiting for him at the front door.  She heard his car door shut and ran to the door to open it for him.“Happy Valentine’s day my love.  I brought you these flowers and candy.  You look amazingly hot tonight.  Fuck!”“Baby, you are too kind.  I love the flowers and candy.  Tonight, is all about you.  Tonight, I am your present.  Come in and let me delight you.”“I am all yours you sexy fox.  Look how hot my baby is.”“I’m all yours.  Come to the bedroom.  güvenilir bahis siteleri Baby girl is hungry and you’re her dinner.”Lucy put the flowers and candy down on the table.  She would look at her gifts later.  She wanted to get started on her plans with him.“You are so fucking sexy.  I am getting a boner just looking at you.  Baby, you are wearing my favorite color.  You look so fucking sexy.”Lucy took Brad’s hand and they walked to their bedroom.  Lucy pushed him up against the wall and planted a kiss on his lips.  Her tongue danced with his while they shared a romantic kiss.Lucy helped Brad take his coat off.  She undid his tie and helped him off with his suit jacket. She undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.  She unzipped his pants and took off his boxer shorts.  She helped him off with his socks and shoes.She wrapped her hands around his semi-hard cock.  His dick when it was not hard was still long.  She dropped to her knees and continued to stroke him.  He stood with his legs opened while Lucy worked her hands up and down his cock.His cock sprang to action and Lucy played with his balls.  She pushed the one ball into her mouth while she continued to stroke him. “Baby, you are so sexy.  Jesus, I love when you suck my nuts.  Baby push them both into that red hot mouth of yours.  Fucking hell.”Lucy pushed them both into iddaa siteleri her mouth.  He stroked her face while she gave his nuts love.  Lucy took the balls out of her mouth and pleasured his tip with her tongue.“Fuck!  Oh baby!  My dick is so hard for your crazy mouth.  Take more into your mouth.”“Wait!  I must get something.  Be right back.”Lucy hurried downstairs and melted the chocolate and opened the whip cream bottle.  She hurried upstairs where Brad was on the bed keeping his big cock hard.“Baby!  Hurry!  My dick is so hard for your hot mouth you sexy slut.”“I thought it would be fun to dip your cock in chocolate and whip cream.  Do you mind?”“That’s super sexy.  Do it baby!”Lucy took her brush and painted the chocolate on his cock and balls.  She smiled and shook the whip cream can and sprayed it all over his cock and balls.“That’s so sexy.  Lick it baby.  Lick my decorated cock.”Lucy continued to tease Brad.  She licked his shaft up and down and enjoyed the sweet taste on her tongue.  His cock looked amazing while she opened her mouth and started to bob and enjoy his cock.“Baby, does my dick taste good?”Lucy shook her head while she continued to feed more of his cock down her mouth.  His cock was quite large, but she fed as much as she could down her mouth.Brad began bucking his hips and fucking into her mouth.  Lucy kept up and with him but made gagging noises.  His cock was so big, and she could only stuff as much as she could down her throat.“Baby, you need to ride my big dick!”Lucy stopped sucking his cock. “Brad you need to stand up with your ass toward me!”

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