A Day In The Life Of A Slave (Part 2)


(Continuation of first part…) Looking out the window, I wonder what my master is going to do to me. Then suddenly I feel what he is doing as he lubes up my ass hole with warming gel. I shiver at what he was thinking of putting in there. He chuckled, noticing my shiver as he stroked my ass cheeks before parting them as something is slowly pushed into my ass. As much as I hated having things in my ass, I try my best to relax as the object is pushed into my body. While this object is being pushed further into me, I catch a glimpse of mistress crawling over to me with something in her hand. I don’t have much time to see what it is as my master shoves what I now know is an ass plug all the way into my ass. My muscles locking around the plug to keep it in my ass. He chuckled again and stroked my ass as he turned on the plug to vibrate. I shivered at the feeling and kept my mouth shut from making a sound, closing my eyes. Though my eyes shoot wide open as I feel my mistress caress my breasts, keeping her finger tips far away from my aching nipples. “I see that you are enjoying this slave,” she said as she slowly almanbahis got closer and closer to my nipples until she was only millimeters away from them. While she was caressing my breasts, my master squirts some warming gel on his hand and rubs the stuff on the outside of my pussy, coating my nether lips. He hands the gel to mistress who squirts one drop onto two of her fingers. She looks up at me and smirks. “You are going to love this girl,” she said and started rubbing the gel directly onto my rock hard nipples. The gel soon starts to work as my master and mistress step away from me, letting me feel the effects of the warming gel and plug. If possible, my nipples felt like they got even harder as they tingled, my pussy lips also tingling. My master and mistress watch me writhe on the floor as they start to make out heavily, master gripping her breasts and she stroking his cock to its hard point again. ** As hard as I tried, I couldn’t hold myself up on all fours anymore so I slowly fell to the floor from the effects of the gel and plug. While I’m laying on the floor now, I watch in anticipation as my mistress almanbahis yeni giriş forcefully pushes my master down on his back. He smirks up at her as she dips her head down and kisses her way up to his face, starting at his navel then works her way up to his chest. He lays his head down and closes his eyes, groaning as she comes to his nipples, taking one in her mouth and pinching and twisting the other. I knew how he likes his nipples to be treated roughly, one of his fetishes that he loves so much. Other than seeing me in pain. At the moment they were totally ignoring me as my body started to spasm from the effects of the gel. I had to grip the carpet I was laying on to prevent myself from rubbing my drenched pussy or, what felt like they were at bursting point hard, nipples. Then again I did have to admit that the ass plug was also doing something for me as well. The vibrations from the toy only added to the orgasmic pleasure I was feeling. Glancing over at my master and mistress, I saw that she was now handling his cock in one hand and the other hand fondled with his balls. She was coating almanbahis giriş his cockhead with her pussy juices while teasing it all at the same time. His hands were on her tits, twisting, pinching and flicking her nipples hard. Just by looking at her face I could tell that my mistress was ready to take the plunge on my masters massive rock hard rod. Not a minute after that thought crossed my mind, mistress did just that and let her entire body fall onto his solid shaft, letting out a deep, gutteral moan of delight as she did. Once she started moving, master turned his head over towards me and motioned for me to come closer to them. I nodded and got up on my hands and knees again but before I could start to crawl over to them he ordered me to bring the gel. Looking around for it, I spotted it to my left and grabbed it before crawling over to them.With each step I could feel the plug move around in my ass making me shiver in both pain and slight pleasure. “Straddle my face, slave. Be a good girl and make out with mistress while giving her titties a good massage,” he commanded. I nodded and did as he said, straddling his face with my pussy hovering over his mouth. I gulped at what he had planned for me, not noticing him take the gel from my hand. Mistress put her hands on either side of my head and pulled me in for a wet, sloppy kiss.

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