A Day at the Beach

Double Penetration

I was running through Central Park Saturday morning when my phone started to ring. I grabbed it from my running belt and checked the caller ID. It was Mia, my best friend. I started working with Mia at a non-profit in New York City just after I graduated college 4 years ago, and it became clear that she and I were soulmates, in a sense. She was a few years older and was responsible for training me, but we had everything in common. It was a match made in heaven in my book.

“Hola,” I said after answering the phone, slowing my pace slightly to be able to maintain a conversation, which I figured would be long. Mine with Mia usually were.

“Nina, you Latin superstar, we need to get away. It’s so hot right now. This summer has been brutal.”

Mia was always one with a flair for the dramatic, but it had been an exceptionally hot couple of weeks in Manhattan. It was only 7 am and already reaching the mid 90s. “What did you have in mind?” I questioned as the sweat dripped quickly down my forehead.

“Well, Chase and I want to go to his Hamptons house for the long weekend, and I would never leave you alone baking in Manhattan! Plus, I know we had plans for that weekend… but don’t the Hamptons sound amazing? The ocean and the sand and sun and everything??”

Chase, Mia’s fiancé, was loaded and, of course, had a huge place on the beach. I had to admit, the idea was hugely appealing to me. I loved the water and would love to get away for a weekend. I was about to chime in with a resounding yes until another thought entered my head. “Wait… just the three of us in the Hamptons for a weekend?”

“Well, no. Chase has invited some friends and I thought we could bring some other people if you want…”

“Mia, stop trying to distract. Who is coming?”

“Nina, don’t worry about it! It’s just a few of Chase’s married couple friends and a few of his single guys friends.”

That’s what I was afraid of. “Including Dexter?” I questioned knowingly. Dexter was Chase’s best friend, who I despised. He treated me like a child, ever since I met him. He liked to not only point out my small stature, but also my heightened innocence for a woman my age. I was barely over 5 feet tall, and due to my exercise habits, was also thin and petite. I did have big curly black hair, curtesy of my black father, which helped me seem slightly taller. However, on top of my size, I am a rather reserved person. I have never been wild or crazy and fail to recognize innuendos and things of that nature. I consider myself blissfully ignorant of the raunchiness of my world, but Dexter found it hilarious, never missing an opportunity to humiliate me for it.

“Yes, Nina, but don’t worry about it! He likes you, and you always have me!” Mia said, trying desperately to convince me to come.

“Yes, but I hate him, Mia! Does he have to be there?”

“Chase already invited him… and he is his best friend.” She replied. “Come on, I won’t let him bother you, even for a second. Remember, you can spend all of your time in the water! And we can shop for new bikinis!”

I thought it over. Did I really want to spend my long weekend around Dexter? All I do know is that it was hot, and the Hamptons would be a great get-away. Plus, Mia would never desert me. “Fine, fine… I’m in, but I hope I don’t regret this! Meet me at my place in an hour and we can go get bathing suits.”

“Yippee!! Love you, girl!” Mia squealed back at me.

“Love you, too. See you soon!” I replied before hanging up and finishing my run, wondering what I had just agreed to get myself into.

I was packing my duffel for my long weekend at Chase’s Hamptons house. Sometimes, it paid to be best friends with someone so god damn rich, but Chase and I were best friends well before he hit it big in the stock market. As for me, I was doing well in architecture in New York, but was so looking forward to a weekend out of the heat, with scantily clad beach babes all around me.

I had been a bit of a player in my early twenties, pleasing women up and down the Big Apple. Now that I was 28, I had settled down a little bit, but it had been a while since I got any, and I figured this weekend would be the perfect opportunity. I grabbed a box of condoms and threw them in my bag before zipping it up and throwing it over my shoulder. I hit the lights and left, locking my door behind me and hitting the stairs two at a time. When I got to the street in front of my classic brownstone home, I saw Chase in his convertible, top down, trying and failing to pull into a parallel parking spot. For a guy who owned a car in NYC, he sure couldn’t drive for shit.

His fiancé Mia was in shotgun, and her best friend Nina sat in the back. Her hair was huge and curly from the humidity, and she looked over her shoulder towards the road with oversized sunglasses blocking most of her face. She was a gorgeous, half Mexican half African woman who I loved messing with. She would get so pouty isveçbahis and spit back at me with a fire I loved to see. I liked to get a reaction out of her.

“Hey y’all,” I announced, distracting Chase from his task and causing him to nearly hit the truck behind him. “What the hell, Chase, no shotgun?” I questioned teasingly. I opened the trunk and hopped into the vehicle, sliding in beside Nina and throwing my bag in the trunk simultaneously before closing it behind me. “¿Hola, Niñita, como estás?” I smiled, knowing she hated that nickname. Even with the oversized glasses, I could feel her deeply roll her eyes.


This girl is too much. “Good to see you, too, baby girl! I didn’t know your parents had invited you to the grown-ups weekend.” I teased further as I poked her in the side.

“I wasn’t sure I would come when I found out you’d be here, actually.” She replied bitingly.

“Aww, Niñita, that would hurt my feelings if I didn’t know it was just because you are worried you will fall head over heels for me.” I replied with a grin. Again, I could feel her roll her eyes.

“Shut up, Dexter. Play nice this weekend.” Mia said, turning to face us.

“I will if she will,” I replied like I was her brother and Mom had just scolded us. Mia shot Nina a look that said, “I’m sorry,” and Nina waved away her concern. Soon, we were off to the Hamptons.

It hadn’t even taken Dexter a minute before he started trying to get under my skin. I swear, it was like he liked to see me pissed off. If that was true, he was succeeding, since that’s how I felt whenever I was with him.

We had just shoved off towards the Hamptons when Mr. Jackass decided he needed to “stretch out”. His giant frame manages to take up the remaining two seats in the back, and his well-tanned, disgusting thigh rubbed against my own. “Dude, get the hell off!” I yelled at him, grabbing his knee and shoving it aside.

“You couldn’t understand, Niñita, being so tiny, but I need a lot of room because I’m a big boy,” he said calmly, winking at me and spreading out further.

“You are incorrigible,” I responded, and flipped him off before I shoved his leg away again. “Don’t even think about trying that again,” I said in my most intimidating voice.

“Or what?” He questioned me, with a mischievous grin.

“Or I’ll…” I hesitated, struggling to come up with something strong to snap back at him. “I’ll punch you in the dick!” I finally exclaimed. He just threw his head back and laughed hysterically before spreading himself out again. I gave him my best death glare and he took his leg off mine. I think I will be avoiding him for the rest of the fucking weekend.

Shit, Nina may not know how to throw out the insults, but she sure as hell can stare me down! I think I’m going to enjoy fucking with her this weekend, I thought to myself as we continued to drive in silence. I looked back over to her and noticed that the shuffling around after I spread out had caused her skirt to ride pretty high up, exposing a large amount of her thigh. I sat back and began imagining what type of underwear she might have on underneath that little summer dress. Maybe she didn’t have any on at all… As unlikely as that was knowing how uptight and innocent she was, I was enjoying thinking of the possibility.

With this on my mind, I began slowly trailing my eyes up her body. The dress she wore clung to her tight little frame in all the right places, and the V-neck top was cut lower than I was used to seeing on Nina. It highlighted her excellent cleavage. She must have been hot for her to be showing so much skin, which was out of character for her. I started thinking about the droplets of sweat running between her ample tits. Without realizing it, I had a raging hard on, and had to quickly readjust and pull my legs back onto my side of the car to hide it from Nina. Wait, I just got hard thinking about Nina? I thought. I have always thought of her like a sister… but she was fucking sexy. It’s like I never realized it before.

I was enjoying the breeze from the open top of the convertible when Dexter quickly pulled his legs together and looked away from me. What a fucking weirdo. I am so ready to get out of this car and get on the beach.

We finally arrived at Chase’s beach house after what felt like hours of driving. We piled out of the car, grabbed our bags, and sauntered into the house to get changed and head down to the beach. Chase’s other friends weren’t arriving until later tonight, so we figured we would meet up with them for dinner. I went to change into the suit that I bought with Mia last week. It was a bit riskier of a bikini than I would normally choose, but Mia insisted that the color was great on my caramel skin tone, and I agreed with her. It didn’t matter much anyway, since there wouldn’t be anyone I knew around to judge me. I did have to admit that it made me nervous being this uncovered though, so I quickly threw isveçbahis giriş a coverup over myself before meeting the other three on the deck to grab a bag of towels and food and sunscreen and some beach chairs.

On our walk down to the beach, I breathed a sigh of relief, happy to be on the ocean and away from the city for a change. When we arrived, I set my things down and grabbed the sunscreen. “Mia, can you sunscreen my back?” I said as I turned around to face the group. Mia was already lathering Chase’s hairy back.

“Give me a sec?” She asked, clearly trying to avoid being grossed out by her fiancé’s back.

“I’ll get you, Niñita,” I hear from my left, and turn to see Dexter standing with the sun on his back, sans a shirt. I had never seen him not fully clothed, and I was nearly knocked off my feet by his body. He was tall and built with substantial muscle, which was popping on his tan skin. His abs were defined, and he had a sharp, deep V leading down into his shorts.

I stared for a second or two too long, and then finally responded and met his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, ok…”

“Like what you see?” He responded, laughing. Of course, I didn’t get away with it. “Don’t worry babe, you can get my back after,” he winked at me.

I flipped him off and decided I had better catch him in the act as well. I turned and slowly pulled my coverup over my head and caught him watching me closely from the corner of my eye. Wait, what was I doing! I do not want him to watch me. I think… I pulled it off more quickly and handed him the bottle.


If I wasn’t mistaken, I think that Nina just checked me out, and then gave me a little show when she pulled off her cover-up. And holy shit, that bathing suit is more revealing than I anticipated from her. Her tits were barely held in by two tiny triangles and her ass was mostly uncovered. I was excited about getting to touch her as I squeezed some lotion into my hands. I started on her shoulders and gave her a little massage while I rubbed in the lotion. The lower I got, the more excited I became until it was over, too soon in my opinion.

“My turn,” I said to Nina as I reached my arms around her to hand her the sunscreen bottle. “Let me know if I need to get on my knees so you can reach,” I teased. She turned around and gave me a death glare, stubborn as ever, and motioned for me to turn around. Nina started low rather than high on my back, dipping her fingers slightly below my waistline while she worked. I couldn’t tell if the dip was purposeful or not, but I fully enjoyed it. I was going to have to get in the water quickly to hide what was going on in my shorts from everyone. Her hands were delicate and soft and sent electricity pulsing through me.

When she finished, I realized how much I wanted her to keep touching me. Again, I was a little surprised by the desire I had for little Nina, but as I sat in a beach chair, trying to cross my legs over my raging boner, it started to make sense to me. She was sexy and fiery, just like I like. It was then that I decided I wanted to have her. Or needed to. She would be my conquest this weekend. It may be difficult, considering she hated my guts, but I loved the chase and knew I could turn on the charm. Which would probably have to start now.


I had finally snapped out of my haze after seeing Dexter and feeling him rub lotion on me. I had definitely responded to his touch and felt an unexpected heat from my pussy. He was exactly my type; he had the perfect amount of dark stubble trailing his sharp jaw line. He was muscular but not too thick, and he wasn’t hairy. However, he was a little tall for me. I hadn’t gotten any in a few months and could tell that his presence this weekend would affect me. However, he and I would NEVER happen… he was a jackass, through and through, and I won’t stoop to being with him just to satisfy an urge. But that doesn’t mean I can’t look at him. When he won’t notice, of course.

We all sat enjoying the sun and getting in and out of the water for a few hours, drinking some beers and laughing together. I was sitting sunbathing with my hands closed on my stomach, my head turned to one side. All the sudden, a hand gently pulls my earphone from my ear, and I open my eyes. Dexter is laying in the lounger next to mine, but it looks like he has brought it closer to mine than it was before.

“How are you doing, Niñita?” He asked, slowly dropping his hand from my face.

“Better before you came and interrupted,” I said snarkily.

“Oh, come on Niñita, why do you hate me so?” He asked, giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Because! You are a jackass! You treat me like a child just to piss me off. And my name is Nina, not “little girl”. Now, leave me alone.” I snapped before turning onto my stomach and closing isveçbahis yeni giriş my eyes again.

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

My eyes shot open, and I turned my head to face him. “Did you just apologize?” I said in shock.

“Yeah, I am. I just like teasing you, it’s sexy when you get all flustered. I can’t help it. But, I wish we could start over. I’m sorry, Nina.” Then, he got up and walked away. He quickly turned and added, “By the way, I like the suit,” and with a wink, he turned and left.

Wow. What was that? Did Dexter just call me Nina? I thought. Did Dexter mean that? I doubt it, I’m sure it’s just his libido talking. That man has never done something selfless in his entire life.

Later on, I headed back into the water, enjoying the salty smell and simply floating on my back. The water was like my best friend, comforting and calming. Or at least that’s what I thought. As I was floating, a huge wave overcame me, and I came out of the water sputtering with my hair flung in every direction. I was trying to collect myself when I noticed that my bikini top was gone, and people were already pointing. I let out a small shriek and quickly wrapped my arms around my breasts and sank into the water. This may be the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to me, I thought to myself. Literally, my worst nightmare is being naked in public. What the fuck am I going to do?? I think.

Just then, I see Dexter notice me. He quickly breaks into a sprint towards the water, running towards me. I tried to swim away while also continuing to cover myself, not knowing what he was doing but also not wanting him to get anywhere near me. He reached me and quickly turned around, putting his back to me.

“What are you doing, Dexter, get out of here!” I screamed at him.

“No, Nina, I know you don’t want anyone to see you,” he replied, “and I’m going to help keep that from happening.” With that, he reached his thumbs into his swim trunks and pulled them down swiftly, then stepped out of them without missing a beat. I saw a glimpse of his tight ass before he spun around to face me, holding out his board shorts to me and shaking them in my face. “You can cover up with these,” he said. He grinned and winked at me as I took the shorts and looked down towards his exposed cock. He quickly covered it with one hand before I could see anything through the water, shook his head at me, turned around, and began walking back to the beach, naked as the day he was born.

I stood there shocked, unsure of what just happened, except that Dexter had just saved me from the most embarrassing moment of my life by embarrassing himself, and that he had the most incredible backside I’ve ever had the pleasure to stare at as he walked away.

That’ll have convinced her I’m a “good guy”, I thought as I made my way back onto the beach, completely naked, and waved to the woman whistling at me with my free hand. I got back to our chairs and grabbed a towel to cover up.

After getting a quick glance at Nina’s beautiful tits dangling in the water, I had quickly recognized my moment to be her hero. I made a quick decision, and it definitely paid off. I watched Nina come onto the beach, my board-shorts wrapped around her tiny chest easily, serving as a makeshift bathing suit top.

When she looked at me, a deep blush was present across her caramel cheeks. “Thanks for that, I guess,” she said to me quietly, “I didn’t know what to do in the situation.”

“No problem, I’ve got your back, Niñita,” I reply before wincing, realizing I had used my nickname for her. That wasn’t going to charm this one.

To my surprise, I saw a small smile dance across her face before she shook it off and replied, “It was pretty big of you to embarrass yourself for me. I may have misjudged you. Maybe we can start over.”

She was clearly uncomfortable admitting her fault, so I decided to throw her a bone. “I’d love that,” I said with a brilliant smile, “but honey, did you see me? I have nothing to be embarrassed about,” I winked at her.

Her eyes rolled deeply. “Or not,” she said, but she couldn’t hide the hint of a smile on her face. This was going to be easier than I thought.

Nina gathered her things and made her way back to the house, leaving me on the beach alone. I was about to sit back down until I saw the hoard of older women who whistled at me heading my direction. Hoping to avoid their claws, I quickly packed up and followed Nina to the house. Her ass jiggled just slightly with every step she took, and I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. I could hardly wait to have my hands all over it.

I ran for minute to catch up and fell into step with Nina. “Let me take your things, they look like they’re weighing you down. A pretty little lady like you can’t handle all of that,” I said to her.

She looked up at me with a look of disgust. “I’m perfectly capable of doing things on my own, Dexter. I appreciated your help down there, but I am not a child.” She looked pissed and put her things down. She wrapped herself in a towel and untied my shorts beneath it, threw them at me, grabbed her things again and took off. Shit, I thought. That didn’t go well.

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