A Dark Night to Remember


I was certain that I would die in the vice grip of the walls that closed in around me. Each day was the same as the day before: The bitter smell of cheap coffee wafting from the kitchen. The skipping record cadence of my husband singing “Punkin doodle all the day” as he baked bacon in our cheap oven.

The walls closed in. We were stuck. Unable to move and barely able to breathe. We hadn’t had sex in a year. The lockdown didn’t cause that. We’d be drifting apart for quite some time. I ached for the touch of a man. Craved it in a way I hadn’t in a very long time.

I admit to boring bathtub masturbation and rolling over when my husband would come to bed. His rank breath infiltrating the little space I had left in the room.

Then the storm came. The day the wind sucked up all the trees and closed off the main road to our little boring plot in the midst of quarantine land was the best day of my life. And the most surprising day for my husband.

That’s the day we spent a week with a stranger in quarantine. His name was Leon. He was servicing our sewer pump when the storm came. We all huddled in the basement. The sweet smell of his breath lit me up. I ached to know what those heavy, full lips would feel like pressed into mine.

The lights flickered and the sickening touch of my husband’s pale, skinny hand broke me from my reverie. Leon was married too, but Leon wasn’t going anywhere.

My husband offered him a cot and a home-cooked meal. Something I was happy to do in tight jean shorts and a black cami. I felt Leon’s dark brown eyes burning into my thick white ass. I knew he wanted it. He could probably smell my lust too.

After dinner I grabbed a lantern and made my way out to the shed for some extra firewood. Leon offered help while my husband played some videogame on his computer.

The shed seemed more free than the confines of the walls in the house, even though the interior was much smaller. Our Christmas decorations stood in the corner to bear witness to the first encounter I had with Leon. My first interracial liason. My first big black cock.

Leon’s full lips seemed to swallow my much thinner ones whole. We didn’t say a word. We just started making out. His tongue plunged in deep as he pulled my body into his. He felt solid. Like hardened clay fresh from the kiln and air cooled. I pressed my mound up onto his rigid abdomen where the tip of his cock poked out of his pants.

His passionate kisses from that huge hungry tongue made my vagina come to life. Her inner walls swelled as I felt the trickle of arousal pool around the opening of my fuck hole. Leon moan directly into my mouth. I swallowed it whole and kept pushing my hips up and down on the exposed knot of his cock.

“You need fucked bahis siteleri don’t you,” he teased, “I could see that shit on you when I walked in the door.” He held his hand up and extended his right index finger. It was bigger than some white cocks I have fucked. Seeing it made me swoon. The room spun in greens and reds.

Leon’s muscular arms lifted me to a ledge where he perched my tight ass. His eyes burned into me as he wrested the shorts off of me. My feet hooked at the arches over his shoulders as his rubbed his thick, black digit up and down my pink slit. My wetness made squelching sounds. It was if my pussy was asking for that cock right now.

I tossed my head back and opened my legs. My pussy greedily pumped up and down Leon’s entire hand. I could smell the moist plywood and even imagined that the Christmas decorations were watching us. It was as if I was saying, “Look at me! I can fuck! I love to fuck. I am fucking a black man because I need to fuck!”

There was no emotion in our act. Just raw need mixed with a whole lot of loneliness that had built over the weeks of the lockdown. I enjoyed the fingering, but soon Leon dropped to drink my whiteness with his mouth. His thick negro lips sucking in entire sections of my labia. His dark tongue slicing into my welcoming slit.

His bald, black head bobbed deliciously as his mouth soothed the need between my cunt lips. Reams of hot orgasm flowed from me, down my vaginal canal and into his very willing mouth. Leon glady drank me down like he’d never tasted anything quite like it before. He moaned and vibrated my pussy elongating my orgasm.

His velvet baritone, “Dayum” added to my pleasure. I loved his voice. Calling me names. Making me feel nasty. I’d spent so much time cooped up with a boring white man. A man who reduced me to Holly Homemaker. With Leon, I was more like Jenna Jamison. Free at last to exploit the inner demons of my sexual needs.

I sucked his black cock like I’d never sucked my husband’s. I loved the way it felt to be a cock sucking whore. I remember once my Mom told me that when you love someone you’ll do whatever it takes to please him. I didn’t suck Leon’s cock to please him. I sucked that big black cock because I wanted it to stretch me out. Ruin me for my husband. Sucking it made it even bigger than it already was.

The corners of my mouth burned as Leon’s anaconda fuck stick pressed over my tongue. I worked my way down making him wince at the inexperienced scrapings of my teeth. He steaded my head. “I’m gonna fuck that pussy. I’m gonna fuck it and you gonna cum all over my big black dick.”

The sound of his deep voice made me suck more fervently. He thought I was trying to get him off, but I was doing it for me. I wanted every last canlı bahis siteleri inch of that massive dark dick filled to maximum capacity. I wanted it so bad that I was gagging. Like a thirsty slut I sucked my own spit and swallowed unknown amounts of a black man’s precum.

My tits had spilled out and were flopping shamefully exposed. The nipples so hard that I felt the singe in my cunt.

“Make me your whore,” I begged. “I want to be a black cock loving slut! Ruin this tight white pussy for my loser white husband.” Leon’s big black hands held me up and bounced me up and down on his pleasure pole. The slick, slapping sounds of his thighs on my ass gave way to a wet squishing sound from my cunt as a near continuous orgasm spilled from my pelvis.

The stretching sensation spread along the rim of my fuck hole. I felt the burn in my ass as he plunged his heavy dick in and out of me. He laid me down on the plywood floor of the shed with my legs up. Powerful thrusts from his muscular hips slammed into my white pussy. Breaking it. Enlarging it. My husband never would feel my pussy walls again. I just knew it. Being stretched like that kept me in a state of orgasmic bliss. I only felt my pussy clenching along with the thundering thrusts of Leon as he made me his white bitch.

My cunt spasmed out a huge pool of satisfaction onto the plywood floor. Leon looked down at me and then got onto the floor. He licked up my essence as if it were a five-star dessert from an upscale restaurant. “You a good white bitch. The boyz gonna luv that cunt, babe.”

Leon had not cum yet. I didn’t want him to. I wanted to save that moment for my husband. I walked in smelling of black spunk. My ass exposed and my tits hanging out atop my cami and bra. Complete slutdom on display. My husband put down the game.

I kissed my weak white husband with the mouth I’d sucked that black dick with.

“You taste that, baby?” I cooed. “Taste his dick on my breath,” I giggled.

I watched his puny prick try to make a stand. His pupils dilated and he started to rub himself on the outside of his shorts.

“Yes, that’s right. That dick stretched my mouth out. See that dick. Look at that big black cock. You see it? That was in my mouth!” I plunged my cock singed tongue into my husband’s mouth. He kissed me and begged to be let into the fun.

“No. You only get to watch now. Maybe if you’re good I”ll let you stroke and eat my cum filled pussy.”

Leon leaned against one of the barstools in our kitchen. The walls seemed to be a little less confining now as I climbed on top of Leon’s sturdy legs. Bracing myself barefoot on his thighs, I fucking rammed his dick deep into my sloppy pussy. The droplets of juice spraying out. “Oh fuck! That’s so canlı bahis good. Look at that dick in my cunt. Get over here. Get closer!”

My pathetic husband pulled off his pants and crawled over. “I swear honey that it feels so good!,” I said as I pumped my wet cunt up and down on Leon’s dick. My toy dick. My big, black toy cock! I didn’t care if Leon came. I wanted to watch my husband get sprayed with all of my pleasure. Droplets of my indiscretion dotted my husband’s face like freckles. He smiled at me. “You see that baby, this is what I need.” I started to rub my cunt up and down screaming in ecstasy as my husband touched my throbbing clit with his finger.

I gyrated. I ground down on that huge cock, stretching out my pussy until my husband couldn’t take it anymore. “Please, Dawn. I need to taste that.”

“I bet you do. Go ahead. Lick it. Make sure you watch out for the big black dick.” I giggled as I kept fucking it. Knowing full well his tongue would come in contact with it. No way to avoid that.

“I’m leaking Dawn,” he admitted.

I just giggled and kept cumming and fucking that big anaconda cock.

“Lay down on the ottoman,” I calmly ordered. My husband’s naked, puny body stretched out on the length of the stool. My sweat soaked hair clung to my forehead as I sashayed over to my trembling white husband.

“Yes, that’s right,” I said dropping my tits into his mouth.”That’s right this is all about me.”

I straddled my husband as he laid on the ottoman. My stretched out pussy engulfed my husband’s cock and I could tell from his lack of reaction that he couldn’t feel it.

“Want me to fix that for you?”

He just stared at me because he knew he had no choice. This was his life now. A white boy cuckold to a black cock loving slut wife.

Leon’s black hands braced my white ass as he slid his cock deep into my pussy too.

I watched my husband’s face. He felt that and started to cum immediately as I laughed at him. I laughed at him and then started to fuck Leon back. They both filled me full of cum. The ejaculate felt warm and stung the places where Leon’s cock stretched me out.

Done with Leon I slipped him out and then looked down at my husband who was twitching. He didn’t say anything. I knew he loved it. He was trembling and smiling. That’s when I lowered my semen fill cunt to his face.

I felt his tongue skating all over my cunt.

“You like how that tastes don’t you? You know when you weren’t looking I fucked him out in our shed tonight. I’ve been fucking him for the last couple of hours. Shame you couldn’t have lasted longer. I guess I’ll just have to fantasize about how good his black cock felt inside my pussy as I you continue to make me cum this way.”

I fucked my husband’s face with my more than ready to go again pussy. My hard clit like a small penis in his mouth never stopped cumming. Once we were done a few hours later we realized that Leon had quietly slipped away into the stormy night.

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