A Change of Plans


“Too bad about your bike!”

That was the first words I heard her say to me directly. I was crossing the foyer on my way to my desk and morning coffee, when I saw her standing behind the entrance desk. Just taking something from a drawer she had to pick up, she straightened and looked at me with those perfect blue eyes that I have always seen around the office but never had the courage to talk to.

“Oh yeah, but luckily the insurance on the crashed one will help me get an even better one,” I managed to blurt out after I caught on she was talking to me. “If I can get this fixed as well,” I said pointing to my arm in a sling I got from the motorcycle accident about a week ago. I luckily walked away from it with just a broken wrist that was still aching like crazy even now.

“That looks very painful, are you okay overall?” she asked with genuine concern.

“I will be okay in a few weeks, but at the moment I am just looking to get back on the bike. It is too nice a summer not to ride around,” I said.

“Well then, as soon as you get your new bike, I want to go for a ride as well. We can do a lunchtime if you let me know?” she smiled.

“Sure thing, I have a extra helmet so whenever just let me know,” I stammered out after the shock hit me. I have just been asked to go for a motorcycle ride from someone I have often fantasised about doing just that.

“See you later then,” the eyes smiled and went back to her office

“Yeah, catch you laters,” I blurted out.

Walking up the stairs my mind raced. Did she just? … Do we have a riding date now? I was a bit in a state and also quite alarmed that maybe just maybe she could read my mind about what I was thinking about almost every time I saw her previously.

I always I saw her about the place quite a lot since she started almost a year ago, talking to so many people and solving issues. And every time she entered the open plan on her way to help someone with something, you could not miss her. At a glance (because it is rude to just stare at a beautiful woman) you could not get past the smile as that is the first thing that caught your eye. She always smiled and whomever made eye contact with her was greeted by name as she had a photographic memory for faces. And the flash of the lights on her blonde hair always seem to halo her in softness. There are songs written about woman like her, and for once I also got the inkling about what the singers are trying to convey.

“…and I need to just find out when the appointment is,” someone said.

Snapping back out of my reverie my spine turned colder than a icicle when I realised she turned and was standing next to my desk asking me something. Sheer terror hot-wired my brain and I replayed my subconscious memory of her asking me if I need any more help with hospital visits and if she could arrange any equipment or transport for me.

Staring up at her I must have swallowed three times before I answered. We shared one of my lame puns and she was gone with a swish of that blonde hair. But not out of my mind as the faint traces of her perfume lingered around me and in my thoughts.

The next few days we started chatting on the internal messaging program, me updating her on my medical situation, and her asking me admin questions. Admin and updates started turning into just chatting, talking about motorcycles and trips we have done, people we have met and experiences shared, ending up saying good morning and good night to each other every day over the next few weeks.

Fast forwarding on a month and myself turning up at work one morning with my new motorcycle. I parked in my usual spot and just grimaced a little after putting it on it’s centre stand as my wrist is still a bit tender. Buzzing myself in I just took off my helmet as I entered the foyer.

“I hoped you brought another helmet,” I heard a familiar voice say as I turned around. She was staring quizzically at the new bike.

“Will we both fit on there?” she asked.

“Yeah sure, no problem. … do you mean you want to go for a ride with me?” I asked a bit nervous.

“Of course, you promised me when you get a new bike we can go,” she smiled. “Or did you not mean it?” she quizzed.

“Sure sure! I would be very happy to give you a ride,” and as the words came out I knew what I said could be taken one of two ways. We started making jokes about double-entrendes a couple of weeks ago and ever sharp she just replied with a smirk “You wish!” and on her way out turned around and gave me a look. Or did give me a look. Maybe it was just my fevered imagination but I so wanted there to be ‘a look’ because as I stood there I knew I was busy falling very, very hard for this incredible woman.

The next day we duly met during our lunch break and rode for a half hour out and about the countryside. It felt like minutes for me. The whole previous evening I was in a giddy state to think that she will be sitting so close to me, hugging me as we were riding. And it was amazing. I was bahis siteleri in two minds as one part of me was not believing that she trusts me to speed along with her. She was holding tight to me and I could feel her pressing into my back every time I braked. I even caught myself feeling very happy just tapping her on her thigh, something I do automatically when I want the pillion to hold on as we are going to accelerate. But on the other hand I was also very much aware that I did not want to scare her and possibly curtail any future ride outs. So I was the model of a rider but I must confess, just adding a little burst of speed now and then had her clinging to me even tighter.

As we pulled into the parking area and got off, we both took our helmets off, and the smile and shining blue eyes told me all I needed to know. This was exiting for her too, and it was something we will definitely do again.

We rode out a couple of more times, and as we got more relaxed with each other we both opened up as well about how our lives were at the moment. We knew a lot about each other, but now that the veneer of our masks have been worn away by real friendship, we got to experience each others deeper parts and hidden depths. As these things go our double-entendres turned into more serious questions and these turned in time to white hot messages full of passionate ideas and thoughts.

At that time we did not go any further with this relationship as we were both married. But as life would have it we were both unhappy in certain aspects of our sex lives. I was practically celibate and we both needed warmth in our lives.

So after a party one evening at her place with friends where we shared some looks that lingered just a shade above what is appropriate, we found ourselves a week later planning to meet up at one of our favourite places.

“You know I have a lot of things left over from the BBQ last week,” she said looking askew at me while opening her car door where we parked in the company lot.

Looking up I saw a beautiful day with the promise of a mellow evening later. “So let’s go to yours and have a fire and make something for dinner there,” I said clicking in my chinstrap.

“Do you know how to get there?” she asked.

“I think I remember,” I bluffed, knowing full well that with the weight in my heart I left the previous week I can find the tracks back in the dark.

Riding in the sunny and clear air was intoxication itself, with all the new smell of growth and cut grass and cool air amongst the trees made me felt good to be alive, and thinking of spending a evening just the two of us made me glad to feel that feeling of being alive and exited again.

Walking through the front door felt a bit strange as a week before there were all these people there and we could not spend a lot of time together. The quiet cool house made my words dry up, even after all the planned quips and talking points I meticulously practised so that I won’t come across all dumbstruck if I think about the fact that I am alone here with her.

“Just drop your gear anywhere,” she said and I placed my helmet and jacket on the stair landing.

“I never had time to say I like your place last time,” I recalled.

“Thank you, yeah it was a bit crazy full of people but let me give you the proper tour,” she said tying up her hair and walking up the stairs.

“I have been up here to use your upstairs bathroom last week. There was a bit queue downstairs,” I said, and immediately wanting to kick myself for mentioning it.

“Oh, the main bathroom on this floor is much better than my on-suite. I don’t know what they were thinking with placing such a small bathroom next to the bedroom. Look!” she pointed out as we walked into her bedroom.

Just smelling her every where was enough to make me slowly succumb to an overwhelming feeling of rising passion and feelings that left me shaken.

“Just look from here, you can’t see how small the shower is,” she said as she clicked on the light and pointed at a shower. “I can hardly shower without hitting a wall, it must be even harder if you are taller than me.”

“It’s not so bad,” I joked and stepped into the shower. “Two of you can fit in here easily.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “It will be very tight.”

A strange calm came over me that I would remember for the rest of my life.

“Let’s have a shower and see then,” I heard myself say.

I have never been so direct or brazen with a woman ever before. I realised as I said it that this is one of those moments in my life where for once I had the courage to speak out loud about what I wanted.

The electricity that crackled between us was palpable as she just looked at me with those blue eyes that seemed to glow in the late afternoon dusk.

“Okay,” she said, and just gently bit her lower lip.

Her words seem to drain every last bit of hesitation and self consciousness out of me.

Wordlessly I slowly started to take off my clothes and I marvelled canlı bahis siteleri as she mimicked me move for move until she stood there dressed to perfection in her soft skin and perfume. Stepping past me, just near enough to touch my thigh with her trailing fingers she opened the shower door and spun a tap. Water cascading down behind her she turned around and faced me. We stared each other straight in the eyes. Reaching out she took my hand and stepped me into the spray.

Without a word she took a bottle of shower gel off the hook and gently started washing me. The smell of strawberry and vanilla filled the air. I started doing the same and after a few moments the fact that I was gliding my hands all over her and the slickness of the gel was too much and I pulled her to me.

Holding her so close with water streaming off us I could feel the softness of her breasts against me. Not breaking the long sensual look we held she reached down and ran her fingers over my now aching erection, making me inhale involuntarily sending all sorts of pleasure into me with just the gentlest of touches.

“I want to touch you,” I whispered in her ear, and the soft moan was all the encouragement I needed.

It was the most natural thing to run my hand from her face and neck, trailing between her breasts where the back of my hand felt the smoothness as it passed her chest and belly. I reached her mound and slid into the gap between her thighs and found that the shower was not the only thing that was making things wet. Her face went wide eyed with a small “Oh!” exclamation as I caressed her outer lips and with a little bit of pressure slipped a slick finger in-between.

Just slowly pulling my hand across her pussy and ever so lightly wiping over the clit have me the most beautiful picture of her face turned up at me, blonde hair an cascade of a waterfall, her eyes closed and compressing her lips to contain something, trying to move herself so that I can touch her again and make her shudder all over. Standing in the pouring spray her breathing became audible over the rush, and the flush on her face was not all the hot waters fault.

“I want to touch you inside,” I said when she finally opened her eyes after just the most subtle sway of her hips ceased and she stopped gently rubbing herself on the side of my hand.

Smiling that devilish smile I saw her lowering down a fraction as she spread her legs and moved my hand and placed it cupped over her pussy. I will never forget the groan I heard when I gently eased my fingers into her. Not even the cascading shower could hide the fact that she was so wet and slippery. Feeling the velvet of having my fingers inside her I slowly and softly touched her clit with my thumb and the increasing grip of her hands on my shoulders was all I needed to know. Her groans were building steadily and she lowered her head to my chest, the soft moans filling the small cubicle. Slowly I reached up to her neck with my other hand that was previously exploring her body. I tilted her head back and looked into a face on the verge of ecstasy.

“I want to taste you,” I said as I looked at her eyes heavy with lust.

“Please,” she whispered. The honest acknowledgement of what we both wanted was one of the sexiest things I heard in my life.

Going down on one knee, lifting a wonderfully shaped leg over my shoulder I trailed my hands over her breasts and with the tip of my tongue tasting the slick essence of her clean shaven pussy. Gently probing around her lips, I got more and more aroused by being so close to her and after playing with her scent and teasing her I could not contain myself and I took all of her into my mouth sucking gently while rolling around her clit as gently as I could.

The unexpected heat and the fact that she grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head was the sign that I was doing something right, so I continued with long slow licks and gently playing with her. A trembling muscle from her leg and the sound of her hand slamming onto the wall to keep her standing told me something was having an effect. Gasping she pulled me to my feet and pinned me on the opposite wall.

Being six foot it was a bit of an experience when such a petite creature forcefully pushes you into a tiled wall, but even better was the feeling of her sliding her hands over my body while so sensually sloping down my body and feeling the wonderful silk sensation of her mouth encompassing me. My senses took a leave of absence and my body just automatically did what it needed to do. Having fantasised about this for so long I let myself just drink in the experience. Just looking down and seeing those beautiful eyes smiling with the full knowledge of what she is doing to me, almost pushed me over the edge.

Arching my hips I tensed as she continued altering between licking me and then taking me deep into her throat. The lust taking over I wrapped my hands in her lovely hair and syncing with her bobbing head just rode myself into canlı bahis pleasure. But just on the cusp of exploding into her mouth the sensation suddenly stopped.

Standing up she reached for my neck and bending down to her she kissed me with such passion it was almost as good as having her lips on my cock. I could taste the faint smell of myself and I am sure she could taste herself too. For a long time we stood there in the warm water spray just kissing and holding on to one another as if we did not ever want to let go.

“I want to explore you,” she said as she bit my ear. Turning me around she guided my hands and made me reach up for the shower head. “Don’t let go,” she said smiling a wicked grin. Working her way down my body I never knew parts could be so sensitive and when she gently got down on my nipples it was amazing to feel sensations when she played with them. Trailing fingers slowly down my back and grazing her nipples over my ass she grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart.

Reaching from behind she gently stroked my balls, and as she grabbed my shaft I thought I was going to cum just from that. It was when her tongue started exploring my ass I was overwhelmed and by the intimacy of such an act. No one had ever done this to me, and the feeling of her wonderful touch and tongue blew my mind and world away.

I was reeling from the experience and sensing she was pushing me way over the edge, she stood and turned me around where I was still holding on to the shower head, trembling from the experience.

“I want to do that to you,” I said without hesitation and still breathless. The slow turnaround she did looking over her shoulders smiling made me decide that never again will anything be taboo for me. Kneeling down I made her spread her legs and she arched out her ass. Grabbing both her cheeks I stretched her open and lightly danced around her anus with my tongue. Feeling her muscles tense I pulled away and looked at the amazing sight of her lovely legs, tiptoed and toned. Running my hands over the curves of her calves and up her belly I enjoyed teasing her and pushing my tongue into her rewarded me with a unmistakable groan. After teasing her for some moments I reached up between her legs to explore her thighs. I felt a slickness on my face and realised that her pussy was sopping wet.

At that moment the shower started running cold and with some shrieks we were driven out. Laughing we looked at each other standing on the bathroom mat. She was soaking wet with rivulets of water streaming off her and her hair clinging to her breasts. Reaching around she got us some towels from the cupboard. Wrapping one around her she started drying me off, showing me such care as I have not experienced for a long long time.

The sudden exit from the shower left us a bit out of pace with what we were doing in there moments before. Without saying anything I went and lied down on the bed, just looking at her.

“Come here,” I said.

Never before had I seen something so sensual as the way she tugged the corner of her towel loose, and giving three steps to the bed it slid loose and slipped of her amazing body, her hard nipples flicking as the trailing edge caught them.

Hair dripping she came and lied down next to me and we held each other for a moment in an embrace before I felt her leg slipping in-between mine. Wordlessly we tilted our heads towards each other and kissed. The kissing got more frantic as the passion we built up in the shower took over.

Moments before I was going to grab her and flip her on her back I felt her other leg coming up and over me and twisting like she was mounting a saddle she sat astride me. Her warm body pressing down on me, skin dry and smooth and her wet hair hanging down from her, framing her face and the blue eyes boring down into mine. We looked at each other for a moment like this. A drop of water fell from the tip of an unruly strand of blonde hair onto my chest.

No words were spoken, and I slid my hands to her hips. Arching her back I could feel my penis sliding in-between her still slick pussy lips as she raised herself, and still looking at me, slid me into her. The look on her face was amazing as I felt her taking all of me inside her.

“Ahhh,”she exhaled in a soft whisper and her eyes unfocused for a second or two and then snapped back to mine. I was drinking in the view. Here she was. Someone I got to know as a friend and a confidant that I learnt to love from afar, right on top of me, slowly riding herself and me into ecstasy.

The slow pace of tension and release, tension and release was amazing. Her back curling like a whip she used me to find the most pleasing spot inside her and I could feel the tip of my penis grazing her ever so slightly. As she arched her back to get an better angle she put her amazing chest out and with a touch I cupped a breast and gently and slowly rolled my fingers across the stiff nipple. This triggered something as moan escaped her that was downright animalistic. Sliding my hand over her whole breast, and with her still slowly undulating on me, I rolled the nipple around between my ring and middle finger. Squeezing on it softly made her shake involuntarily, but never breaking pace.

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