A Chance Meeting Pt. 05


Arin woke to the now-familiar pounding sensation in her crotch. She was desperately tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but in addition to the nagging heat in her genitals, her throat was dry, her head ached, and her bladder was painfully full. She sat up with an enormous effort and grasped the water glass next to her bed. It had been filled during the night, and she took a long drink. It didn’t make her feel any better, and she knew she’d have to get up to go and get the pain relievers for her headache.

It was Arin’s first day off in a month, and she’d slept in until just after eleven according to her alarm clock. Weak light streamed in from her bedroom window, and she could hear the drumbeat of heavy rain against it from outside. Listening to it made her need to pee even more intense.

“Ugh, not helping,” Arin mumbled to herself, running a hand through her shoulder-length crimson hair while carefully pulling her large sparrow-colored wings out from under herself. As Arin mentally prepared to get up, the bedroom door clicked and opened slowly. A familiar figure peeked in: Lana.

Lana’s long yellow hair was bound up in a headband, and she wore a pair of Leah’s faded manatee scrubs. They were quite thin, and Lana’s small nipples stood out beneath the fabric. Arin’s stomach did a somersault that wasn’t entirely unpleasant, and she looked away quickly.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” yawned Lana. “That saves me the trouble of waking you up.” Lana approached the bed holding a clipboard, setting it down to take Arin’s pulse and breathing rates.

“How are you feeling, Captain?” asked Lana, jotting down the numbers on the chart.

“Weren’t you supposed to take my blood pressure?” yawned Arin.

“I took it at seven,” said Lana, shrugging. “You went right back to sleep.”

“Oh,” said Arin.

“Anyway,” continued Lana, reaching into the breast pocket of her scrubs and pulling out a small bottle. “I brought these in case you had a headache.”

“How did you know?” asked Arin, taking the bottle. She opened it, and took two of the pills inside with another long drink of water.

“You said something about a headache when I took your vitals at seven,” said Lana. “I tried to wake you back up, but you sleep like a rock.”

Arin finished the glass. The cold water made her head throb, but she knew that it would get better eventually and tried to relax.

“How’s everything running without me?” Arin couldn’t hold back another huge yawn. The deep breath put extra pressure on her already bursting bladder, and she had to cross her legs hard to keep from leaking. She wanted to get up and run to the bathroom, but wasn’t sure she could make it.

“Lea is letting Dmeytri help him with paperwork,” yawned Lana. “I think those two are overcoming their differences. It’s heartwarming, and I like to think it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Arin was about to ask something, but yawned instead. This time, her bladder leaked a little and she squeezed her legs together even tighter, whimpering softly.

Lana yawned again, flipping through the pages on her clipboard.

Arin snapped, “Could you not do that?” She not to yawn again and failed, just barely containing another leak. “If you keep it up I’m going to-” her bladder spasmed, cutting her off mid-sentence.

“Leah had me put absorbent pads under your sheets while you were in the shower last night,” yawned Lana.

Unable to hold back yet another yawn, Arin hurriedly removed her nightdress, unsnapping the back and tossing both it and her blankets off the end of the bed. A quiet hissing noise started between Arin’s legs and she looked down: her lap was filling with a clear, hot liquid, and her large clitoris stood up in the crimson curls of her pubic hair, quivering with each nasty throb her head gave.

Arin spread her legs and released a short but powerful burst of piss onto her sheets. She wasn’t able to let out much, but it was enough to give her a small feeling of relief from the pressure in her lower belly. Arin brushed her hair back from her face and rested her wings behind her.

“Are you still sore?” asked Lana nonchalantly, her tired brown eyes skimming over the checklist on the clipboard. The night before, Arin had indulged in an illicit bottle of essence of dagger root. She’d been unusually tense lately, and though she’d insisted to Lana that she didn’t need help, Arin hadn’t been able to orgasm in the last several days. She thought the dagger root essence would loosen her up a little, and it had even seemed to work at first. Arin had gotten herself very close to finally coming, but had lost her balance and fell off the bed at the last possible moment. Though her bed wasn’t that far off the ground, Arin had managed to badly pull her gluteal muscles in the fall. Leah had been called, and had thoroughly scolded Arin for sneaking the dagger root essence in her condition.

Lana flipped through the pages on her clipboard. Arin leaned over to see what was on the chart, bahis şirketleri stealing brief glances at Lana’s nipples. Leah had left a note on the clipboard the night before telling Lana about the situation: “may need assistance.”

“Y-yeah,” said Arin. Her stomach twisted, and a brief bolt of pain crept up her buttock. “But it’s not as bad as it was when I went to bed.”

“And Leah noted that-”

“Yes, I read it,” Arin said quickly. Her heart was suddenly pounding, causing a mild headrush. “I don’t need assistance.”

Lana’s eyes darted to Arin’s visibly throbbing clitoris. “Would you like me to call Leah and ask for a new vibrator?”

Arin gulped. “No…I just need to try harder.”

“You’ve been saying that since last week,” Lana reminded her. “And before that, you lied and told me that the toxin from that creepy-ass WS facility wasn’t affecting you anymore.”

Arin squirmed. “Well…”

“Is something wrong?” Lana yawned again.

“But you’re basically trapped in my quarters. I don’t want to force you to do something like that, that’s really fucked up.”

Lana rolled her eyes. “How many times am I gonna need to explain this? I’m not being forced to do anything, I’m just here to help. Leah even offered to let me stay in the infirmary yesterday, but I decided to stay here.”

Arin covered her crotch with her hand, looking down at herself. Her nipples were as hard as Lana’s, and she could feel her cold, wet clitoris thumping away against her palm. Her stomach tensed up. “Why?”

“Because I don’t mind-” Lana’s pale cheeks turned bright pink, and she fidgeted with her clipboard. “I don’t mind giving you the ‘pelvic massages.'” Lana’s face reddened even further as she punctuated her sentence with air quotes.

“You don’t mind?” For a moment, Arin couldn’t figure out why Lana was acting so flustered. It took her sleepy brain a few seconds to catch up, and when it did she gave Lana a sly grin. “You mean you…don’t mind it?”

Lana stared at her hands, fidgeting restlessly. “Th-that’s what I said, yeah,” she said, obviously trying very hard to sound nonchalant.

“Even though I make a huge mess every time?” asked Arin. Lana squirmed uncomfortably.

“Well I wish you could do it where it’s easier to clean up, but Leah explained the whole andyne anatomy thing, and I know you can’t help it.”

Arin felt a squirm of embarrassment, mixed with a small, pleasurable rush that she hadn’t felt in months. Arin’s heart fluttered for a moment, and she wanted to giggle, but instead her bladder spasmed and she leaked onto her hand. It felt good.

“So do you ‘need assistance’ or not?” sighed Lana, hiding her face behind the clipboard.

“Lana, don’t be embarrassed,” said Arin. She raised one hand to put it on Lana’s shoulder before noticing it was wet and pulling back the clipboard instead. “I’m really flattered-” Arin gasped. Her vulva was suddenly very wet, but she wasn’t peeing.

“I mean, I really don’t mind the pelvic massages either,” said Arin awkwardly. “And well…my um…other and I aren’t really on speaking terms-”

“Dmeytri told me about what happened with Tawny,” mumbled Lana.

“Does everybody know?” groaned Arin. The brief stab of annoyance did nothing to dampen the desperate pounding building up in her groin.

“Well, Robert’s her half-brother,” said Lana, finally daring to make eye contact.

“How do you know that?” Arin asked slowly.

Lana snorted, “Remember how Leah was talking about pointless plot exposition in Part Three, and you were like, ‘uughhhh?'”

“Not verbatim, but that was my reaction,” sighed Arin, rolling her eyes. She was painfully horny, and for the first time since Tawny had left, she really wanted sex. “Fair enough. This is a smut piece and no one reads the Greenbird series anyway.” Arin opened her legs, exposing the soaked, swollen folds of her pussy.

Lana set down the clipboard and stood up, taking the pink vibrator from the drawer in Arin’s bedtable. She rolled up her sleeves as she sat on the edge of Arin’s bed.

“You don’t have to roll up your sleeves,” said Arin. “If you take off your clothes it’ll be one less thing to wash later.” Both she and Lana blushed. Lana hesitated for a moment and nodded before pulling off her shirt and pants and draping them across the back of the chair next to next to the bed. Arin’s heart fluttered again when she saw that Lana hadn’t been wearing any underwear.

Lana leaned forward over Arin, gently cupping her genitals before exploring downward. Normally, this was the part where Arin would lay back and close her eyes, but this time she sat up, watching Lana work on her. Lana’s small fingers slipped easily into Arin’s vagina, but Arin was suddenly so sensitive that the pleasure spread like an electric shock. Arin twisted, gasping, and could feel her bladder starting to let go.

“Lana!” gasped Arin. Lana was ready, and expertly aimed the lips of Arin’s vulva. An arch of clear piss sprayed a short distance bahis firmaları across the bed, lasting less than ten seconds. It wasn’t much, but the small sense of relief was almost orgasmic. *Almost.*

Lana didn’t hesitate to resume playing with Arin’s pussy, stroking and teasingly inserting her fingers again until Arin started rocking her hips. Arin watched Lana’s chest as she worked. Lana had pale pink nipples, and they were already shiny with sweat.

“Lana, m-may I-” Arin was cut off mid-sentence when Lana inserted the vibrator. Arin gasped, twisting, and fell back onto the bed. As Lana worked the vibrator, she began slowly stroking Arin’s clitoris. Arin tried again to ask: “May I t-touch your-…” she gasped. Lana sped up her hands, pushing Arin to the brink of orgasm for nearly a minute. A painful stitch in the back of Arin’s thigh accompanied her body’s aching need for release, but as intense as it was, the beginnings of her orgasm started to ebb away. Lana doggedly kept stimulating Arin, and it still felt nice, but it couldn’t keep her orgasm from deflating almost as quickly as it had come on.

“You can stop, Lana,” panted Arin, sitting up. Her body was burning, and her genitals were so swollen that they looked bloated. Lana pulled out the vibrator and sat back on her haunches.

Arin couldn’t help but notice that Lana was panting too, and her eyes inevitably drifted to Lana’s crotch.

There were faint stretch marks on either side of Lana’s full hips, and a small puff of curly gold pubic hair punctuated the pale, almost milky color of her thighs. Lana’s legs weren’t exactly splayed, but they were far enough apart that Arin could see how wet she was.

“What’s wrong?” Lana asked breathlessly.

“It’s just…not happening,” sighed Arin. Her crimson hair was damp from sweating, and she slicked it back. Arin was still tense, horny and frustrated. Another bolt of pain shot up through the pulled muscle in the back of her thigh, and she moaned, “I’ve tried everything, and it just won’t happen.”

“What have you tried?” asked Lana. Her tone was more professional, and the redness on her face was beginning to fade. She glanced over at her clipboard.

“Everything I can do myself,” said Arin.

Lana glanced between Arin and the clipboard, thinking for several seconds.

“If you don’t mind,” said Arin, a little hesitant. “I have an idea.”

Lana tilted her head at Arin. “What is it, and why would I mind?”

Arin paused. “Well…because…you said you didn’t mind giving me a little uh…” She reached down and gently cupped her vulva. “…relief?”

Lana nodded curiously.

“Would you mind if I were to do the same for you?”

Lana’s face flushed right back to bright red. “Why? How would that help you?”

Arin slicked back her hair again and tittered nervously: “If nothing else it could be uh…cathartic.”


Arin could feel herself starting to blush. “I’d actually like to, if you would be okay with it.”

Lana took a deep breath. Arin thought she might try to scoot away, but at the last second she nodded and pulled herself forward. Lana’s expression was uncharacteristically shy as Arin reached forward and gripped her hips. Arin gently pulled Lana toward her, so that Lana straddled her legs.

“Don’t be nervous,” coaxed Arin, stroking Lana’s thigh. “Are you still okay with this?”

Lana nodded again, looking tentatively up at Arin. She was shaking slightly.

Arin ran her hands down Lana’s body. She saw the long scar up Lana’s arm first, even paler than the skin around it, then her eyes drifted to Lana’s breasts while one of her hands slithered up Lana’s thigh.

Lana tried very hard to act nonchalant when Arin’s fingers probed into the warm wetness between her legs. Lana’s clitoris was small, but it was hard, and she jumped when Arin touched it.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” said Lana quickly. She started to pull away.

“Why not?”

“I have to pee,” said Lana. “If you keep that up-”

“You did put the pads under the mattress,” Arin reminded her, pressing on her lower belly. “And how much can you possibly hold? Half a liter on a good day? The pads are made for Andynes, and your average andyne can easily piss more than three times that much in one go.”

“If you say so,” snorted Lana, though she’d stopped pulling away. Arin was able to wrangle her closer again before slipping a finger inside. Lana’s breathing quickened over the next few minutes, as Arin worked at her. She was very quiet, and hadn’t reacted much after several minutes, so Arin broke the silence:

“Are you okay with this so far?”

Lana nodded.

Arin was fed up with the silence, so she added: “Is there anything you’d like me to do?”

With an odd expression, Lana looked into Arin’s face, getting very close. She clumsily pushed forward unexpectedly, bonking her face into Arin’s.

“What was that? Are you okay?” snorted Arin.

Lana’s face was almost brick kaçak bahis siteleri red, but she looked Arin in the eye. “I was trying to kiss you,” she said, her voice wavering slightly.

“I wish you would’ve told me,” replied Arin, grinning. “Want to try again?”

Lana gulped, “Yeah. Sure, okay…”

The kiss was short, but Arin found it weirdly satisfying. Lana moved on to kissing down Arin’s neck, rocking her hips slightly while Arin stimulated her. The walls of Lana’s pussy were very tight, and she was already twitching.

“Can I add another finger?” Arin purred into Lana’s ear.

“Yeah,” whispered Lana. Arin inserted a second finger and sped up her thrusts. Lana clung to Arin’s shoulders, giving low, breathless moans until Arin felt a hot gush of liquid on her hand.

“Arin-” squeaked Lana. Her small hands clawed into Arin’s shoulders, stinging as they broke the skin. Lana came, stifling a yelp into the crook of Arin’s neck. Arin stopped moving when Lana finally relaxed, and pulled her hand out slowly. Hot liquid splashed over it again; Lana’s bladder let go, and began a slow trickle that quickly picked up into a hard stream. Rubbing Lana’s butt with one hand, Arin used the other to aim Lana’s flow onto her own throbbing clitoris; it was starting to feel good again.

“You’ve been holding it,” said Arin.

“I guess so,” panted Lana. She took another ten to fifteen seconds to finish. “Was that um…’cathartic’ enough?”

Arin nodded. “I think I’m ready to try again.”

“With the vibe?” asked Lana. Arin nodded again, and Lana climbed off her lap.

“I’d like to try something a little different, though, if that’s alright,” said Arin almost timidly. She settled on a dry spot on her mattress.

“What is it?” asked Lana.

Arin gulped. “I’d like to try it from behind…it’ll help keep my gluteal muscles stretched out.”

“Hey, you don’t need to explain it to me,” said Lana. Arin noticed with some satisfaction that Lana was shaking slightly. “I just peed all over you, I’m not about to judge.”

Arin got on all fours, turning around. She was careful not to brush Lana with her wings and stuck her butt up in the air, resting her chest on the bed. She’d done this with Leah before but never with Lana.

Lana didn’t comment, and stroked Arin’s vulva gently with the vibrator. Arin couldn’t hold back a gasp, and moaned softly as Lana inserted the vibrator.

Lana started slow; Arin was excruciatingly sensitive, and watched her clitoris from underneath, bobbing with each thrust of the vibrator. She was about to reach up and start stimulating it, but she could already feel herself starting to climax. Another bolt of pain shot up the back of Arin’s thigh. It only dampened the sensation a little. Arin heard the hissing gush of piss before the first contraction hit her.

Arin came hard, bucking her hips. Her bladder released, dripping around the vibrator while Lana finished her off.

Lana pulled out the vibrator when Arin’s wings stopped twitching. Arin’s bladder unloaded immediately, spraying backward in a concentrated torrent. The sense of relief was overwhelming, and Arin lay there, sweaty and gasping, for over a minute while her bladder evacuated. When her stream began to slow, Arin braced herself a little, grunted, and sprayed another, smaller arc onto the end of the bed.

“How can you still be peeing?” sighed Lana, only half-exasperated.

Arin grunted, “I can hold a lot…last time I measured it I got up to two liters, but when I was younger I could almost get to three.”

Arin finally finished, and turned over, lying on her back. She used one of her wings to nudge Lana closer to her.

“We need to start cleaning up-”

Arin nudged Lana again. “Let’s just wait a minute. I need some cuddles right now.”

Lana allowed Arin to pull her forward, settled next to her and rested her head on Lana’s chest. Lana’s breasts were soft, and Arin could hear her heart racing.

“Feeling better, I take it?” said Lana, surprising Arin with a light kiss on the forehead.

“Much better,” Arin replied sleepily. She opened her mouth to say something else, but a click from the bedroom door interrupted her.

“Oh, you took care of it, then,” said Leah dryly, stepping inside, carrying a cloth bag hitched up at her shoulder. She had her waist-length green hair swept up and to the side, and wore her daytime clothes – a long white coat over an austere solid-colored shirt and dress. Leah’s eerily reflective green eyes surveyed Arin’s room, settling on the floor near the end of the bed. “And also your blankets.”

“I tossed them off the bed,” said Arin lamely, hiding her face partially in Lana’s chest.

Leah rolled her eyes. “Well, you tied I guess. Now get to the bathroom and clean up, both of you. I’ll change the sheets in here and go through the chart.” She gestured to the room around her. The mess was confined mostly to the bed, and the blankets on the floor had soaked up a significant amount, leaving only a small trail of drops on the carpet.

Arin was a little wobbly on her feet, and Lana helped her balance on the way out of the room.

“So,” said Arin, “When you said you didn’t mind the pelvic massages-”

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