A Casual Affair


She’d met him once following a bunch of emails on a thoroughly disreputable married person’s dating site, and was a little excited by the possibility but still nervous about actually having an affair. Nothing happened and as time passed she forgot about how turned on she’d been by some of the email conversations and fantasies they’d shared. Still, the thought niggled at the back of her mind and didn’t quite let go. However, it was not in the front of her mind when she was out drinking with her girlfriends. She and her closest friends had been having a great night out.  A good meal and good conversation, along with some nice wine, had her in a good mood.  In fact, the girls were talking about hitting a nightclub for some dancing.  It has been ages since they had been out dancing, and she was looking forward to letting her hair down. On her way to the toilets, and taking evasive action away from a drunk she ran straight into a broad back, smiling she started to apologise and stood frozen to the spot. It was him, the guy she had met with a view to a possible affair.  He smiled back.  “Sorry,” mumbled trying to get control of her voice, “I’m just a little clumsy.” Meanwhile, she felt her face going a little red and her heart thumping a little. “No problems,” he smiled. “You can bump into me anytime,” he laughed, tipped his glass to her and turned back to his friends. They all chinked glasses and continued their conversation.  She continued on her way to the toilet, wondering if all of the guys knew about her. She was mortified and wondered whether she should leave soon. As she made her way back to her friends, she saw his eyes following her, a smile on his face.  Discreetly raising his finger to kaçak iddaa his lips, in a ‘shhh’ gesture, she relaxed, he was obviously as keen as she was to keep this discreet and quiet.  All of sudden, it was just their secret again and she didn’t feel so bad. Thoughts of leaving went from her head and she resolved to continue enjoying the night out. It was good to let her hair down.  She couldn’t quite clear her mind of his smile though, and she wondered what it would feel light to have his arms hold her, to feel his hands on her.  Feeling her phone vibrate, she checked her messages. All fine at home. On a whim, she checked her email account, and saw a message from him.  Her heart beat faster and lurid images beat against her consciousness, against barriers that were weakened by wine. “Nice to see you. Where are you going after this? Would love to buy you a drink if you can get free.”She quickly named a club that she was thinking of going to and put the phone away. After about thirty minutes a reduced number of girls headed off to the club.  In fact, she only had the friends who were single left. She saw his eyes follow her as she left and she wondered if she would see him again. She only had a couple of girlfriends with her and she wondered if he would show up at the club.  Inside the club, it was thumping, with the primal beat of the music and dark corners triggering old memories.  She and her two friends hit the dance floor and enjoyed just dancing for a while. After a good dance and in need of a breather, the girls moved back to the bar.  As she bought some drinks, the other two went to the toilets. “Mind if I talk to you?” she heard as she felt an electric touch on her elbow.  Her head kaçak bahis spun around and she saw him smiling.”No, but my friends will be back soon – what if they see you?”  She smiled – her heart suddenly thumping again. “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something to distract them – they won’t be suspicious.”They had a couple of minutes to catch up before the others returned.  As they did, she saw one of the girl’s arch her eyebrows. “Hi,” he said smiling at them, “sorry for intruding but I saw your married friend alone here and I’m effectively alone now that my mate has scored.” he pointed to a couple passionately kissing in the corner of the club.  “So, given I’m married, I thought it best to seek out some company that won’t misinterpret my intentions”. This time he held up his hand showing his wedding ring. “You don’t mind if I join in some conversation do you?””Only if you don’t mind buying us all a drink,” she said, drawing shocked glances from her friends.  “Well, you three don’t look like you could drink too much and you’re probably cheaper than my mate, so why not?” A new round was purchased and the conversation was lively.  In fact, since he joined, a couple of other guys had also approached, obviously taking advantage of the fact the girls only circle has been disrupted.  These guys were willing to take advantage of her friends though and soon enough, the group now of six were dancing away. She couldn’t believe it when her friends started kissing the recent interlopers. The night sped on, and soon her friends were talking about heading off as a foursome to a cafe for coffee.  When they asked if she would be fine to catch a cab right outside and text them its number, she knew they were illegal bahis going to leave her alone here. As soon as they were gone, he whirled her back to the dance floor, into one of the darker corners and they danced with more abandon this time.  When he started dancing behind her, with his hands on her hips and his hips right behind, she started to wonder again what it would be like to feel his hands on her bare skin.  She found herself getting excited, and she wasn’t surprised when as he pressed behind her, she could feel that he was excited as well.As one of his hands snaked across her belly pulling her close, she felt his breath hot against her neck. She shivered slightly and turned her head towards him just as his lips touched hers.  It was electric that first kiss, as they ground up and down to the tune of the music. As the song ended, he pulled her over further into the corner and kissed her hard.  After a long kiss, she broke away and said, “What if your mate sees us?” He smiled confidently, “He won’t.””But what if he does?””He won’t because I don’t know him – I came here alone. I don’t know who that was, but they didn’t look like they were going to want to talk to me.”He smiled and pulled her in for another kiss and she surrendered to the moment. She felt a hard bulge behind the front of his jeans and wondered if they could escape to find a place they could be alone. Sensing her interest he asked, “Want to get out of here?””You bet” she breathed. “Where can we go?””I know a place,” he smiledThey raced out and piled into a taxi and he gave the directions. Unconcerned now, they continued to kiss and his fingers traced patterns on her leg. Before long they arrived and entered a small hotel.  Some money changed hands and he came back with a key for a room upstairs.  Hurrying upstairs each felt an electric thrill and as soon as the door shut behind them, he pulled her into a passionate kiss.  

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