A Campsite Story


I made my way from the campsite towards the shower facilities, guided by the solitary bulb which stood sentry over the small tinder block building. The laughter of my three somewhat inebriated buddies grew more faint as I made my way through the darkness of night.

Considering the late hour, I was very much relieved to find the showers unlocked. From past experience I knew many campgrounds would lock the shower buildings after midnight. My watch showed the time to be just before 1:00 a.m. With a satisfied sigh and a feeling of relief I pushed open the heavy outside door.

I was again filled with relief to find the shower facility both clean and empty. With only one shower on each side of the building, one for men and the other for women, I knew that at this late hour I would likely be able to enjoy a nice long, leisurely shower. Quickly I stepped into the stall and stripped, feeling the evening air cool upon my skin. I turned the faucet on, trying to get the temperature as high as possible without scalding myself. In my mind, nothing washes away the day like a nice hot shower.

As the water warmed, I closed the shower curtain and stepped in. The jet-like spray washed over me taking with it the campground grime and the campfire smell one just couldn’t seem to escape. I’ve always enjoyed a hot shower just before bed, none more so than after a busy day at the lake. Somehow it always made me feel warm and cozy and would always send me off to sleep more quickly.

Of course I had another reason for wanting to be alone in the shower and away from the prying eyes of my camp mates. After a quick soaking, I grabbed the soap from my pouch and began lathering up. The sting of the water combined with the cleansing of the soap and brought my weary body back to life, and in so doing, allowed my thoughts to drift back to the many magnificent creatures I had the pleasure of observing down at the beach earlier in the day.

Right on cue, my cock stiffened at the mere thought of all that beautiful female flesh. I began stroking myself slowly, wanting to enjoy the feeling for as long as possible. Again, I was so thankful to find the showers desolate and quiet. Eventually, I leaned back against the cold concrete wall, shut my eyes and began stroking away for all I was worth. The soapy lather grew with each magnificent stroke, eventually forcing that telling squishy sound I had hoped to avoid. The sensations shooting through my body felt so damn good, I couldn’t have helped myself if I tried. Rhythmically, gradually, I was building towards the almighty climax I so desperately ached for.

Suddenly and without warning, and just as I was nearing my eternal bliss, the shower curtain was unceremoniously pulled back, exposing me to an unknown woman, leaving me a quaking mass of embarrassment.

“What the hell is going on in here,” a husky voice bellowed from a striking, willowy lady, many years my elder.

“I, I, I …,” I stammered, unable to put any semblance of a complete sentence together.

“What the hell do you think your doing,” she badgered, her eyes scanning down to the stiff cock in my hand, the lather accenting my misdeed.

“Don’t you know the showers are closed after midnight young man,” she barked in a throaty growl. “I should throw your scrawny ass out of this campground right now mister.”

“God,” I mouthed to myself, “just kill me now.” Thoughts began to flood my head as if a dam had given way up stream somewhere in my skull. What would I tell my buddies? What if this got back to my friends in the city? What if my parents found bursa escort out? What if she calls the police? My life as I knew it had just come to an end. I wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock and die.

“I, I’m sorry Mame,” I sputtered, almost incoherently. “I’m so sorry.” In my ignominy, and even though she must have been at least forty-five or so, I hadn’t realized until just then how stunning she was in her tight blue jeans and denim shirt. Much to my ongoing embarrassment, my raging hard-on continued to protrude through the porous cover of my hands.

“What’s your name young man,” she demanded.

I responded respectfully, “Brandon, Mame. My name is Brandon. I, I..”

“What am I going to do with you Brandon,” she cut me off sharply. “What type of punishment would teach you not to play with yourself in my showers, especially when they are closed.”

“I didn’t realize the showers were closed,” I attempted to wedge in before being abruptly rebuked.

“Hush, son,” she whispered. “I’ll do the speaking from here on out.”

The anger in her face seemed to slowly fade as she began speaking in a much softer voice, repeating to herself, “what should I do with you Brandon, what should I do.” She turned away, giving me a brief sense of relief, only to hear the click of the lock on the door. She turned towards me menacingly, “you know, Brandon, if you’re going to play with yourself in my shower it might prove prudent to lock the door in the future.”

Again I silently admonished myself for my continued stupidity. Why hadn’t I locked the door? Oh god, why? Then it dawned on me that she had just locked the door, bringing a look of bewilderment to my face. What did she have in mind for me? A wicked grin seemed to curl upon her lips. “The way I see it, I pretty much have you by the short curly ones don’t I Brandon,” she seemed to smirk.

“What do you mean,” I stammered, my eyes unable to look up into hers.

“I think my meaning is fairly clear,” she mocked. “You pretty much have to do whatever I ask, don’t you now. That is assuming you want to avoid the embarrassment of having to go back to your campsite and share the sordid little details of what you were up to in here, wouldn’t you?”

Once again my voice faltered, “Yes, Mame, please, please, anything,” I pleaded. At that particular moment I would have indeed done almost anything to get out of what would most surely prove to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what was to come.

“Good then, Brandon, it’s agreed,” she stated nonchalantly. “From tonight on including the rest of the summer, you will be working for me here at the campground, and …”

“But, but I have a job in the city …,” I interrupted.

“Silence, young man.” She slapped me hard across the face, the softness in her face disappearing as quickly as it had appeared. “Do not interrupt me again, or you will be truly sorry.” I nodded my agreement sheepishly. “And,” she continued, “you will serve me in any way I see fit. Do you understand,” she demanded.

I began to open my mouth, wanting to blurt out one of the hundreds of questions floating around in my head, but thought better of it. “Yes, Mame,” is all I could muster.

“Good, then, we have an understanding,” she sneered victoriously. “You will begin first thing in the morning. Report to Mr. Giles at the camp store at 6:00 a.m. sharp. He’ll show you what needs to be done. I won’t mention a word of how we came to this little understanding as long as you do what you are told. bursa escort bayan Do you understand?”

“Yes, mame,” I offered with resignation in my voice.

“Fine,” she replied. “I’m sure something good might come out of all this for you Brandon. Now be a sweetie and rinse yourself before you shrivel up.” Of course I didn’t catch her double meaning at the time, only realizing later that she meant both, the now ice cold water raining down upon me, as well as my rapidly deflating cock.

My eyes swept over her in a desperate plea for release from the discomfort she was forcing me to endure. I desperately wanted for this encounter to be over.

“Well then,” she seemed to purr, “rinse yourself off.”

Surrendering to her will, I stepped backwards and pivoted towards the wall as the ice cold water shocked my already heightened senses. I was glad for the momentary escape of her gaze, even though I knew she was surely starring at my backside. I took my time rinsing the soap from my tense body, hoping to avoid whatever might come next.

“Let’s go,” she commanded. “Get your butt out of there and let’s get you dried off, shall we.”

My mind swirled in a silent groan. Surely she didn’t think that I needed assistance drying off. After all, I was nearly twenty years old.

“Let’s go mister. I don’t have all night,” her voice seemed to bark at me.

I turned the faucet off in a pathetic feeling of resignation and turned silently towards my fate. As I reached down towards the bench for my bath towel, she snatched it away in a taunting fashion.

“I don’t think so, Brandon, she snapped. “I’ll be taking care of that.”

Her glare was enough to communicate my command. Nervously, I moved closer towards her, trembling, more out of fear than the cool air that wrapped itself around me. She began rubbing me somewhat roughly, beginning with my blonde hair. Next she toweled my broad shoulders, slowly turning me as she did so. She was taking her time, obviously enjoying her position of power. She dried my chest and as the towel moved down over my abdomen she blew softly on my stiffened nipple, and then on the other, chasing that with a soft lick of each. I suddenly realized what she had meant by me serving her in any way that she seemed fit, as dual feelings of excitement and absolute fear gripped my body simultaneously.

She lost all pretense of the towel, letting it fall gently to the floor. In one swift motion, she went to her knees, cupping my balls in one hand and squeezing my ass cheek with the other, her lips trailing kisses down my stomach. This woman obviously knew what she wanted and was wasting no time in getting it. Her beautiful mouth surrounded the head of my penis, bringing it back to its full state of arousal. I shuddered uncontrollably with excitement.

I had had my share of sexual experiences in the past, but nothing came close to the excitement being generated by this serendipitous situation. I felt a whirlwind of emotions from shame to intimidation to excitement to pure unadulterated lust. It was heaven.

My cock disappeared completely into the warmth of her mouth as she sucked me more deeply than I could have imagined possible. She was obviously an expert at this particular activity. My hands clasped her red hair in an attempt to pull myself even more deeply into her grip. She released my balls and slowly began stroking my cock in a rhythmic motion that matched that of her succulent mouth. Just when I thought I had reached the apex of sensation, she unceremoniously began massaging my buttocks with escort bursa her free hand.

I stood in amazement, as I looked down at the majestic creature working my cock with a spectacular array of oral maneuvers unlike any I had experienced before. Her thick ruby red lips accented my physical pleasure with an erotic visual display. She seemed to have entered another dimension as her hollowed cheeks sucked me hungrily. Her large breasts pressed tightly against my knees, presenting an exciting view of her very ample cleavage.

Next, she slipped a finger up against my anus, gently pressing against my forbidden opening. I gripped her head even tighter. Slyly, she slipped a finger up my virgin ass, continuing to stroke and suck the life out of me.

I couldn’t believe the feelings that were overpowering me. I never imagined that something could feel so absolutely awesome. I especially never imagined that a straight male like myself could enjoy the penetration she was perpetrating on my young virgin ass.

Gradually, she increased her efforts, with quick hard strokes of my cock and an even more intense fellatio action. Her finger had penetrated my ass completely as it rocketed in and out. I growled with delight as my orgasm began to build.

“Oh yes, baby”, I blurted out, much to my surprise. “Oh fuck, yes.”

My balls seemed to swell as my cock pounded into her luscious mouth. A feeling of euphoria overcame me as I felt my load working its way up to freedom. Again, I growled incoherently and came uncontrollably, shooting my load into her ravenous mouth. Unbelievably, she took my load greedily, swallowing every last drop in a magnificent display of oral lust. The fact that she willingly savored my cum so heartily stimulated me even more. This was a first for me, as in my few previous experiences each of my lovers would withdraw theirs mouths just prior to the moment of release.

She milked me dry, slurping up every last drop of my love juice, her finger deeply imbedded up my ass. The experience dwarfed even my most outlandish dreams of sexual conquest. A whole new world of eroticism seemed to open in that one brief sexual encounter. Slowly, she brought me down to earth, gently continuing to stroke my cock, nipping and sucking at its purple head. A smile seemed to curl upon her lovely lips.

“Mmmmm,” she quipped, “you taste as good as you look, my dear.”

Tenderly, she withdrew her finger from my ass and patted my buttocks lightly. “Well, Brandon, I hope you learned something from this little escapade.”

I smiled dryly, nodding that indeed I had learned a thing or two, as I choked out “yes Mame, I believe I have.”

“Good,” she cooed softly, as she rose to face me. “Let’s let this be the first of many lessons you might enjoy this summer, shall we.” With that, she pressed her lips to mine, starting with a soft peck and gentle slip of her tongue across my burning lips. Gradually, the kiss built into a deep french kiss as her tongue found its way into my mouth, a slight tangy taste of my cum upon her lips. Eagerly I returned the favour, perhaps enjoying the most passionate kiss of my life. We wrapped our arms around each other, entangling ourselves in a rapturous kiss.

“Well, Brandon, this was a most pleasant surprise,” she purred. “I was beginning to worry that I might not find myself the summer help we so desperately need around here.” With that, she turned and left as quickly as she had come, pausing only long enough to shout back at me, “remember now, find Mr. Giles tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. sharp. I know you won’t disappoint me will you.” The door banged shut behind her.

I smiled broadly, nodding silently to myself, “no Mame, I won’t disappoint you.” A dumb ass grin seemed to spread across my face. This was going to be some hot summer.

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