A boring party…

Big Ass

A boring party…I had dressed especially slutty that night, since I was getting really horny and figured that Victor would be nasty and hot with me when getting back home after the party…I chose a short black skirt, a low cut top, showing off a nice cleavage; a red garter belt with stockings and a lacy red thong. I made sure that my skirt could ride up just enough so that my beloved hubby could notice what was underneath. As Victor drove us there, I reached over and rubbed his leg, making sure that my hand slid over his hardening cock every so often. Hubby finally looked at me and he pulled out in a dark street before reaching the party. I leaned on him, unzipped his trousers and took his hard cock out. While I was sucking on his wonderful hard cock, the car’s engine started again and Victor told me that I had time until we reached there, to make him cum in my wet red lips…I smiled at myself, sucking him as fast as I could, making sure my lips were tight around his lovely hard shaft. Victor wrapped a hand around my hair and he pushed my face into his cock, making me gag hard but I managed to keep sucking on him.I finally was rewarded with a big mouthful of hot sticky cum, just when Victor pulled at the parking lot in that stupid party…Once inside, Victor and I just split out and a while later, I was getting bored by the second; so, I decided it was time to have fun.I saw my sweet hubby talking to other people; so I went over him and put my wet thong into his hand, as the couple looked at it.Victor just smelled it, before putting the cloth into his pocket. I smiled at them and excused myself, slowly going upstairs…When I entered the second room, I sat izmir escort bayan on the edge of the bed and waited. Just a couple minutes later, my beloved hubby came in.I smiled at him and Victor sat down close by me.I stood up and straddled his lap, making sure to grind my bare pussy against his semi hard cock. I whisper in Victor’s ear:“Fuck me…” and closed my eyes, as his hands lifted my skirt, revealing the red garter and stockings…Victor felt my wet pussy lips sliding along his hardness; but he pushed me on my back onto the bed. He got undressed.His nice cock was fully hard and I got wet just staring at it.Victor changed his mind and he made me straddle him again.I impaled myself onto his raging hard on, squeezing it with my cunt.Seconds later, I started to ride him hard. Victor soon was hitting my bottom, causing me to get one orgasm after another. I did not try to be quiet, so everyone could hear me from the alley.When I turned around to ride Victor backwards, I noticed another standing in the doorway. We all stare at each other for a second.The guy then asked if they could join us…I smiled at them and they stepped into the room.The woman very quickly stripped off and she climbed up the bed, just wearing seamed stockings and heels. She had a nice firm body, smaller than mine.Before I even had time to think about it, she leaned over and started kissing me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. Moaning softly, I reached over and started to play with her boobs.Her nipples grew hard between my naughty fingers. I pinched them, making the lady cry out a little bit. Behind me, I heard Victor tell me to slide off his hard dick and get on my izmir escort bayan hands and knees. The woman then did the same, putting her wet pussy right in my face. Unable to resist, I slid my long fingers between her wet pussy lips, spreading them wide before sticking my tongue deep inside her. She moaned very loudly not only with my tongue buried deep in her sweet pussy, but because she had got her mouth wrapped around her husband’s big hard cock. My face was buried deep into her pussy, when I felt Victor slamming his hard dick into my wet cunt; very hard and deep.This time, he made me cry out.Victor pounded into me again and again, while I ate the girl’s pussy. Very soon, we both ladies were having a wild and loud orgasm at same time.Before I even had time to catch my breath back, Victor fell back and ordered me to ride him again. I did it, while the other girl straddled Victor’s face.I knew she was enjoying my husband’s skilled tongue in her cunt, by the way the bitch was crying and sobbing with pleasure.To shut her up, I leaned over and kissed her wet red lips, while I played with her hardening nipples again.I kept riding Victor’s dick, crying and moaning with pleasure; until I felt some fingers rubbing my very tight asshole.I assumed that it was the girl’s husband; but I turned around and found there a huge black guy was now touching me.He smiled at me and I kept riding Victor’s dick.The new guy fingered my ass hard; he licked it and he finally stroked his black cock hard, getting it ready to fuck me in the ass.I braced myself and this black man started to invade my very tiny rosebud with his thick dark cockhead. It hurt a bit at first; but seconds later, I was begging both my hubby and the black guy, to fuck me hard and deep while I kept sucking the girl’s nipples.We both again had some shuddering orgasms. The girl slid Victor’s face; but I kept being rammed hard on both ends. I was crazy, screaming loud for both guys to fuck me harder.Very soon, the black guy in my ass exploded, filling my bowels with his burning semen. He pulled out; but I kept riding hubby, waiting for him to cum in my womb.But Victor told me to get off. He turned to the other lady, who was riding her partner and moaning with pleasure.I watched as my loving husband slid up behind her and stick his hard cock in her ass. She screamed loud, enjoying the double teaming.Another couple of guys came into the bedroom. One of them got between my spread thighs, while the other straddled my face.I opened up as he stuck his hard cock in my mouth, he made me gag on it, before pulling back to let me catch my breath.He began fucking my face, as his mate kept licking my used cunt.He finally jerked off in front of me, until he shot over my tongue.His friend then pulled up my ankles and he shoved his hard cock up my pussy. He grunted wild as he fucked me missionary.While he fucked me, I could see Victor fucking that other girl.He was enjoying her ass very hard and deep.I suddenly watched as hubby pulled out and shot all over her ass.All of a sudden, everything went black, as I heard the guy between my thighs was starting to tense his back and come in my womb.A while later I opened my eyes, to find Victor over me, kissing me very sweetly. All males there were spent and they were leaving.Hubby helped me to my feet and to get dressed again.Once in our car, I leaned onto Victor’s lap.Hubby smiled, saying that the slutty little lady over there was fine.But nobody could compare to me and my silky tongue…

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