3 Days until Revelation


Jared spent the rest of the day andnight naked, dressed only in that plain collar. His ass cheeks were sore, and his mood labile. The next morning Lady Eva spent a lot of time talking to him, instructing him. He caught most of the conversation, but mostly his mind wandered. He could not forget the feeling he got when he finally let go of his control and begged for permission to cum. It was liberating, but terrifying. Jared berated himself for liking the sub role so much. He was there to learn the fine art of domination and control, not be treated as a slave. He tuned back into the lesson, just as Eva was telling him about voice commands. “My sweet, a good slave responds to voice commands. They know by the tone in my voice when it is time to assume their role, as my pets,” she explained, “For example, watch how Julia responds.” Jared turned in his seat. Although he was assuming the role of a temporary slave, he was allowed to sit in the chair for his lessons. He watched the scene in front of him, with mildly dull eyes. Part of him was jealous that Julia was getting the attention, and not him. “Julia, my pet, I have need of you,” Lady Eva called out. Instantly, Julia appeared in the room. Seeing the look in her Mistress’ eyes, combined with the soft tone of her voice, she immediately knelt into her position. She realized afterward that she was dressed in her street clothes. Punishment was the theme for this session. “See how she obeys by hearing the tone in my voice? Julia has almanbahis been with me for some time, so she also picks up on other cues, such as the look in my eyes, as well as my posture,” Lady Eva continued, as she got up from her desk. Walking to the petite blonde kneeling in front of her, she lifted Julia’s chin. Julia quivered in response. Her lady’s gentle movements did little to hide the fact that Eva was displeased with her attire. Excitement coursed through her tiny body, as she knew the sweet punishment that Eva was capable of. “My pet, why are you dressed? It seems to me that you are seeking attention. Have I been so lax in my control of you that you forget your role?” her Lady said, very softly. “I do not know how to answer this question, my Lady,” Julia answered, truthfully. Lady Eva, in a sudden burst of energy, grabbed Julia’s long ponytail and forcefully pulled it back. Yanking her head upward, she forced her to look up. She stared down at the woman, all the while keeping a tight grip on Julia’s hair. “Are you jealous, my sweet. Perhaps, you have been bad on purpose, in an effort to garner my attention. Well, my love, you have it,” she said. Lady Eva pulled Julia up, using her ponytail as leverage. The little blonde had no choice, but to stand up. Her Lady was taller than she, by at least 5 inches. “You are to strip here. Then, you will lie on the desk, with your hands to your sides and legs open,” Lady Eva demanded. Julia scurried to do her Lady’s bidding. Quickly almanbahis yeni giriş pulling off her clothes, she climbed on the desk, directly in front of Jared. He was able to see her pert breasts, with their nipples so hard and pointy. The rings glinting in the light. “Jared, you are to observe her punishment. If you so much as touch your cock, I will be most displeased,” said Lady Eva. “Okay,” he answered. “Is that how you answer me?” she said, in a soft voice. “I apologize, my Lady. I meant to say yes, Mistress,” Jared quickly amended, thinking of how easily he was able to assume the role. Nodding her head, she turned back to Julia, who seemed to hunger for her attention. Opening what looked like a cabinet, but turned out to be a small refrigerator, she pulled out several cubes of ice. After setting them to the side, she lit a small candle. Jared knew what in store for the woman. He often played with fire and ice, but was always the aggressor. His cock suddenly thickened, and he knew that before long it would be stiff. Lady Eva turned to Julia, who lay on the desk. Shaking with anticipation, Julia knew that the waiting was the worst part. She shuddered when her lady ran her hand over the taut abdomen, that was tensed. Softly caressing the underside of Julia’s breasts, she rubbed back and forth over the soft skin, before reaching up and gently pulling the nipple ring. She watched Julia’s reaction, as she released the jewelry, letting her nipple bounce back into almanbahis giriş place. Julia tensed a bit. She loved when her lady pulled her rings. So sensitive, the pain it caused her nipples transmitted directly to her clit. The more her clit grew, the more it rubbed her jewelry there. With Julia’s legs open as wide as they were, Lady Eva saw her pussy darken and swell. Her beloved Julia loved mild pain, and if that was what it took to please her pet, then Eva was bound and determined to see that she got what she loved. Smiling, she rubbed Julia’s vulva gently, before giving her a sharp smack to her outer lips. The woman moaned, as she tried her best not to push her hips against her Mistress’ hand. Wanting her pet more aroused, the Lady took a hold of Julia’s clit ring and moved it back and forth over her growing nub. Stimulating her sensitive clit, Lady Eva watched as Julia’s breathing grew ragged and a flush appeared over her chest. Her sweet one was close. Moisture oozed from Julia’s open pussy, dripping down her thighs and onto the desktop. Jared was entranced. His dick was so hard, and he wanted to stroke so badly that he could taste it. With his fists clenched tightly, he watched further. Lady Eva picked up the burning candle. Holding it far enough from Julia’s body that it would not scald her, she tipped the candle, letting a few drops fall onto Julia’s thighs. Flinching, Julia tried to remain still, as the hot wax hardened. She trusted her Lady with her life. Eva loved to watch Julia’s expressions. Of all her pets, she was her favorite. Tipping the candle again, she let a few more drops land directly on Julia’s clitoral hood, know that when it hardened, the wax would make the skin not as pliable.

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