1st time with a Prostitute (i spent about 50-70 bu


1st time with a Prostitute (i spent about 50-70 buBefore i started datin my cousin. i was driving home, my family was gone on vacation. I couldnt go because of work. i only had 1 paid vaca day & i woulda had to take 5 days off to go. So i stayed home. I hadnt been laid in a while & was gettin really anxious. I had to wait for a train to go across some tracks it kept slowing down & stoppin. I had the windows down in my truck. There was no body in site anywhere. there was a girl walkin down the road toward my truck. She was wearin a green tanktop & short tan shorts. She was kinda thick. She had thick legs, big tits. I could tell in my mirror she didnt have a bra on. She walked up to my passenger side door leaned on my truck & said “Hi sugar, lookin for some company?” It was istanbul escort almost 100 degrees outside. I was justbeing nice. “Look i dont want to pay for sex. Its really hot out. You wana sit in some air conditioning?” “Actually that would be great. I’m tryin to get guys to pull over, i dont think many would want a sweaty whore.” She got in my truck. I rolled the windows up & turned the air on. “better?” “So much, look. Since you were nice enough to offer some air conditioning. Want me to make out with you? it’ll be free.” “Can you take your tits out?” “Sure why not.” She pulled some big all natural tits out of her top. I skooted the seat back & she stratled me & i started making out with her. I would lick her tits. & go back up to her mouth. She had such soft tits! beylikdüzü escort Her nipples were gettin hard from the cold of the air conditioning. “If i took you to my house & we fuck, how much would it cost?” “50, take it or leave it.” I handed her the money, she put her tits back in her shirt & put the seat belt on. & started headin home. I pulled in the driveway & realized i just payed a prostitute to come home & have sex with me. I took her to my bed. I pulled the sheets back. She stripped down & i did the same. She got in the bed & i followed her. She asked if i wanted her to be dirty or romantic. i told her i wanted to be on top. She spread her legs & i got on top of her. i kissed her & started slappin my cock against her pussy. I had a condom on & slid inside her esenyurt escort pussy. She moaned. I moved in & out of her slow at first, but started goin faster. She kept moaning. I said “your not moaning because i payed you are you?” “No, omg your so big! i havent been fucked with such thick cock before!” She braced her hands against the headboard. I started poundin her harder & harder! She i was about to cum. I pulled out. “What are you doin?!” She screamed then i forced my bare cock back inside her. “I’m gona cum inside you!” When i came she came too! I layed on top of her untill my cock stop cumin & i pulled out. She looked at me. “I’m sorry but i shoulda told you. If you cum inside me, you have to pay double.” “What the fuck?!?” “Although because you made me cum, i will deduct 30 buck off. Sorry but those are my rules. I gave her another 20. Told her to get dressed. “I’ll drop you off where i picked you up.I drove her back to where i picked her up. She got out. I havent seen her again, since then.

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