15 Minutes to Alarm


I woke up with a soft touch on the back of my neck. Dreams slowly fled and I stopped myself from murmuring. There it was again. Lips. A kiss. Right on the nub of my spine where it bumps out under my hairline. The curtains were barely holding out the dawn and everything felt soft and warm and lazy. Sean’s strong arms were wrapped around me, and his breath was warm on the back of my neck. He had somehow wriggled us into the spoon position while I was sleeping. How had he managed to do that? His warm chest was pressed to my back, my pillow was replaced with his bicep, and the other arm was wrapped across my waist locking my hip in his hand.

Something hard was poking into my backside like a curious creature snuffling for its lair.

I flickered my eyes open and checked the clock. The green light on the square white plastic said 6:45. Fifteen minutes until the alarm went off. I shut them again, I didn’t want to let him know I was awake. He was clearly trying to influence my waking mood in a certain direction, and not for the first time either. It sometimes makes me laugh how horny he is in the mornings. It’s relentless, but it’s nice too.

Nice to be wanted that way.

I regulated my breathing, kept perfectly still but, without tensing up. Sometimes I like to tease him this way. Sometimes, I pretend I am in a deep sleep as he grinds and twitches to no avail. Then, when the alarm goes off, I refuse to fuck him because I’d be late for work. I’d tell him he should have woke me earlier. He hates hearing that. Sometimes, I would make sure to put something sexy on, maybe stockings under a skirt, and let him make a tent in the bedsheets while he watched me get dressed. He’d have a frustrating day in the office trying to manage that boner.

Serve him right for thinking I was just there to take care of his morning wood.

Anyway, I’d always make it worth his while when he got home. I’ll be honest and admit I’d be watching the clock in work too. Counting down the hours until home time. He’d have something to prove when he got home. Show me what I passed up on… Teach me a lesson.

I always liked school.

That’s “sometimes”. “Most times,” those little kisses on the back of my neck bring my nipples up to meet his fingertips. Most times, that long, hot, thing rubbing in the space made between my thighs and pussy make the juices start to well. It’s not easy pretending to be asleep when a gorgeous man, a man you know can play your body like a violin, starts pushing all your buttons.

Most times, he does get his way.

He was kissing my neck softly and his “pillow” hand was ever so slightly touching my breast through the silk of my nightie. My nipples had come out to play and he knew exactly how to bring them to stiff attention. His cock was highly active now, doing it’s own thing. Sliding hot between my thighs, adjusting, poking at my pussy, adjusting, rubbing down my ass. Only my lacy panties were keeping it out.

If I hadn’t got them on he’d probably be fucking me already.

His cock adjusted again, this time pushing against the “back” door. I could never know if it was accidental or deliberate but that blunt head randomly poking my ass-hole through the fabric gives me the naughtiest feelings. Imagine I ever let him do me that way. Most times I’m as horny as he is.

I flickered open my eyes again. 6:47

Thirteen minutes…

Let’s do this.

Usually I let him know I am awake by reaching my hand back to grab his cock and give it a hard squeeze. Just like this. Usually he gasps into my ear as I treat it rough, rubbing his head on my ass and between my legs. It gets even harder in my hand, like warm steel. Angry steel. The sensation isvecbahis of rough lace on his sensitive cock head makes him squeeze me tight in his arms. Usually He has my earlobe in his mouth, sucking it.

I can hear his heavy breathing up close, making my own hot and heavy too.

There’s a wet sensation, his tongue in my ear. That makes me gasp and strain to kiss him over my shoulder. But I can’t turn my head enough and he just kisses my cheek. All I can do is stick my tongue out and hope he touches it with his… He does.

Usually, my pussy slushes at this point.

He has one hand down the neck of my nightdress now, cupping my left breast, squeezing it gently and pinching the nipple. It throbs and swells, sending signals all over. The other hand is trying to burrow between my legs but, my knees are pulled up, frustrating his access. At the back he’s starting to fuck my hand now and, with each thrust, the head slides from my ass to my pussy. One time I let him do this until he left a big gooey mess all over my ass and thighs. Not today though, I want more today. With my free hand I help him help me wriggle out of my panties.

We’re a great team. We have my underwear stripped in seconds.

I squirm in his grip. Taking him by surprise. He’s still trying to pluck the cloth off my ankles. I’m tiny compared to him, but I snarl like a wild cat as I push him onto his his back and, in the same move, straddle across him.

Face to face at last.

My mouth is over his, my tongue already fighting to keep his out. He pulls my nightdress halfway up my back and I feel the morning air on my bare ass. Were kissing and panting like teenagers. This is no time for languid foreplay, we both have work today. When you know each other this long. When you know each other this well you don’t always have to take it slow. When time is tight you can go straight to the good bits.

06:51. This is going to be fast and dirty.

I re-establish my grip on his dick and reach down with my other hand too. That one’s for me. With fingertips I open up my labia gently, pull the hood off my clitoris and tease it, making it swell up into the open. It gives me the trembles. With no hands to balance I have to lean on his chest. He takes a big fist-full of my hair in one hand and holds my chin in the other, kissing me hard. My cheeks are blushing, I can feel them burning. He holds his breath as he feels something hot and wet slide over his cock head

Then I slam my hips down… Hard.

He gasps and rolls his eyes as my pussy swallows him right to his balls. I gasp too as I’m split open by that big, hot, thing. That feels so good but, I stop, panting, something’s wrong. He’s trembling and gritting his teeth. Maybe that was too much. I hold perfectly still, one false movement and he’s going to come inside me then and there. The strangles expression on his face makes me laugh but it’s frustrating for me to hold still with it impaling me like this.

God, I want to fuck it so bad.

After a dangerous few seconds his eyes open and he smiles at me. Back in control. I spread my knees a little more and start of grind down on it. Rolling from my stomach to my hips, making it move inside me. I brace my hands on his chest and move my pussy hard on his tool. I imagine I’m punishing it for being such a naughty girl. Conspiring with Sean against me like that. Making me wake up all horny and needy. I chastise it in my mind as establish my rhythm on him.

Yes, I know he’s cute.

Yes, I know his eyes make you wet.

But. I’m. The. One. In. Charge. Not. You.

He pulls my boobs out of my nightdress and plays with them. I push my chest forward and we smile at isveçbahis giriş each other. I’m a busty girl and he likes that. The nightdress tube-straps fall to my elbows as I bump away merrily on him. Then he digs his heels in and things start getting really crazy. He grabs my forearms as he fucks up to meet me grunting with the effort.

06:55. Double time. Triple time.

I start to cry out really loud. His hips are slapping my ass and the slamming contact is banging the moans straight out of my mouth. His eyes are feasting on my bouncing tits. as My pussy is being pounded. I feel like I’m going crazy. My clit is being hammered by his pubic bone but I’m not just going to hold still and take it I push back as hard and as fast as he is. I have just enough self-control to check the clock

6:57. And I’m getting ready to come.

It’s his turn to surprise me and he twists me over in one powerful move. How did he do that? Now I’m on the bottom with my knees almost up to my arm-pits because he has hooked his arms in behind them. He stares straight into my eyes as he gets his balance with hands and feet. My legs are pushed both up and open stretching my pelvis to offer my womanhood to his mercy. I can’t see his cock but I know it’s poised and ready to strike. He drops it on me from a height hitting his target unerringly. The way he has my legs pinned makes it feel like he’s going deeper inside me than ever before.

My eyes roll back.

My feet wave in the air as he starts to fuck me hard and fast. I’m breathing shallowly, and I groan with each thrust. I can feel my tummy twitch, throbs from my pussy are making it do that. I want to kiss him but he has his eyes closed. He’s concentrating on what he’s doing. He rests his chin on the top of my head and all I can do is put my mouth on his neck, feel his pulse through my lips. I know I’m going to come. I can’t stop it. I start to tremble and clench.

And tremble…and clench.

07:00 The alarm goes off… And so do I.

The clock is beeping shrilly and mechanically and I’m coming exactly in time with it. Screaming with every beep. Pussy spasms are shocking my other muscles into movement and making me strain futilely against his strength. My clit feels like it will pop off with every pulse. My inner muscles are convulsing, alternately trying to push his cock out, or suck him completely into my body. He drives relentlessly through it, not letting me control it. There’s nothing I can do, he has me pinned so tight and I’m too wet to stop him.

It’s a big orgasm. An earth shaker. At one point I think I’m going to faint.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and I start to relax. He’s lost his rhythm now, the sheer effort is making him pant raggedly. He’s laughing at me softly, he’s knows I’ve just blown my top. I’m blushing all over my body. My face, my boobs even the insides of my thighs are burning. How dare he make me cum like that.

The only thing left to me is revenge.

I wriggle to tell him to fuck me harder but, he’s slowing down through tiredness. I can’t move too much with his arms behind my knees like this. He has me pinned so I can’t get up and do to him what he has just done to me. He’s staring into my eyes, savouring the feeling of his cock sliding slowly in my supine pussy.

07:05 Still in control.

The alarm has given up now, probably reckoning we’re dead if we didn’t hear all that noise. Sean is teasing me now, fucking me slowly, he’s knows I have to get up for work but he wont let me. If we had sex like that at night I’d probably be asleep with exhaustion by now, but it’s morning, I’m fully rested. So he wants to make me late. Wants to make me go in there and isveçbahis yeni giriş do the walk of shame. Wants me to make up some lame bullshit about why I wasn’t on time and blush under their accusing eyes, wondering if they suspected my tardiness was sex related. His game plan clearly involves holding me down and stopping me doing things to him probably in the hope that I’ll get turned on again.

It’s a good plan but I’m not beaten. I have an idea.

I start to talk to him. I stare into his eyes and tell him slowly and carefully how much I want his cum, annunciating each word. I tell him to cum in my mouth. I stick out my tongue, show him where I want it. I ask him politely if he would like to make my tits all messy. He can’t help fucking me a little harder to make them bounce. I deliberately alternate the pitch of my voice, sometimes demanding with a snarl, sometimes pleading with doe eyes, for a different part of my body. I make him an offer .

You let me up. And I’ll let you cum on my face.

He is astounded to hear me talk like that, so much so he’s starting to lose it. I thrill as I see him start to shake and gasp. He doing me properly again and I feel a aftershock in my pussy as I slut-talk him. Jesus it’s affecting me too. I think I could probably orgasm again if we kept it up. I begin to seriously re-think my plan. Maybe being late is not so bad after all.

But, the plan is too good. He’s gone over the edge.

He pulls out of me, groaning, kneeling back and releasing me. Normally he finishes inside but, with that kind of talk, he obviously expects me to put my money where my mouth is. I sit up quickly and grab his dick, it’s so slick it slips easily in my hand. He’s groaning uncontrollably and I giggle at the noises he’s making. Like a baby calf.

07:08 I’m not ready for the force of a squirt which hits me right in the face.

I squeal and flinch at this, suddenly realising that I’m going to get a pasting. I close my eyes as another shot comes at me. I blindly jerk on his cock and he bellows like a bull. It’s splashing everywhere, randomly firing this way and that like a garden sprinkler. I’m getting drenched, I’m definably going to have to wash my hair now.

After a while his moans subside to shallow breathing. His cock is getting soft in my hand. I blink my eyes open carefully to see him staring at me like a loon. I look down to survey the damage and see splashes of glistening white fluid all over my body. On my breasts and thighs, my hand-job hand was covered. A big blob of it was dribbling down my belly-button and soaking into my pubic hair. In the glow of my post-orgasm it didn’t feel at all weird or gross to me. It was cute, and kind of funny. Something dripped off my chin onto my breast. I started laughing

“Jesus, how much cum did you have in there”

“God, that’s so hot!”

He was gasping, staring at me, drinking in the sight of me splattered with his cum. How many times had he fantasised about this. I pouted at him and gathered some of the sticky goo off my breast to taste it.Thin and salty.

“You like me like this.” All he could do was gasp and nod.

I left my finger in my mouth, like a slutty schoolgirl.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” I fluttered my eyelashes at him.

He made a strangled sound at the sight and his cock twitched, trying to get hard again.

“Fuck. Let me take a picture.” He gasped.

“No!” My eyes shot wide with alarm,

“Please, I won’t show it to anyone.” he was reaching for his phone.

“No fucking way!” I shrieked as I ran for the bathroom.

I scrabbled the lock on the door and leaned on it for good measure. He was begging for me to come out. I laughed and teased him through the panel.

“I’ll be late for work”

“So what, be late.”

“Now Sean,” I said in my primmest voice. “School starts at nine.”

“You know those first-graders won’t teach themselves.”

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